Why College Students Should Be More Focused on Politics

College student politics point of view

In an age when the country is vastly divided, often times having people who put politics over other matters such as a relationships, it’s no wonder why many college students (whether incoming, outgoing, or currently attending) fear discussing the matter with their friends and family.

Of course, there is good reasoning for it—the topic simply is too controversial to delve into and possibly hurt relationships over. However, that doesn’t mean we should cower from the topic when it comes up, whether intentional or not.

Often times we disassociate ourselves with politicians and the lawmakers’ policymaking. Whether it’d be because we aren’t educated well on them, or simply because of our lack of interest in politics as a whole. However, we must understand the importance of politics in our everyday lives. From the wage you get at your summer job, to the price of gas at the local pump, politics can be responsible for even the most mundane of things in life.

Lawmakers are constantly voting and debating on issues such as those mentioned before. “Should we raise the minimum wage?”, “Do we need to place a tax on fossil fuels?”, “What if we mandated a universal basic income?” are only a few of the many questions that lawmakers have been bringing up for the past half-century, all of which affect our everyday lives in both small and major ways.

There’s also of course the three words that politicians constantly say in advertisements and rallies when elections come up—”your vote matters”. As cliché as it may sound, they are not wrong. Voting is an essential right as an American citizen, and it shouldn’t be wasted by sitting out on election night. Your vote is crucial in making a difference, especially in a highly contested race where candidates need all the possible votes they can get.

Sure, you may be in a strong red or blue state where it seems like your vote doesn’t make a difference, but regardless of your situation it is important for college students to get involved (if already involved, then even more) in politics, as the political landscape now is influencing our social lives more than usual.

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