10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of Akron

Picking out courses can be stressful when there is already a huge course load on your neck. Knowing this should make you consider picking the following easy classes to relieve the burden of jacking up so many journals. They will make studying fun and boost your GPA. Below are the 10 easy classes at the University of Akron.

1. 3300:111 – English Composition I

Extensive and varied experience in developing writing skills, with practice in expressive, reflective, and analytic forms of writing.

2. 5600:415 – Mental Illness & Media

Mental illness is often portrayed negatively the media. This course focuses on mental illness, stigma, and how movies portray specific mental disorders.

3. 8200:100 – Introduction to Nursing

Introduces students to influences of past, present, and future political, legal, social, and cultural processes on the nursing profession and the roles of nurses.

4. 7500:100 – Fundamentals of Music

Introduction of basic notation and development of functional music reading and keyboard skills. Conducted in electronic keyboard laboratory with computer-assisted instruction available. For non-music majors only, with little or no previous musical training.

5. 5550:102 – Physical Education Activities I: Fitness, Leisure, & Healthy Life Style

Introduction to fitness and leisure activities, as well as healthy life style. Knowledge of developing programs that lead to fitness, leisure and healthy life style for individuals as well as groups.

6. 7900:115 – Dance As An Art Form

Survey of dance for novice observer: aesthetics, philosophies, methods of training. Lecture and discussion of readings, viewing of film, videotape and live performances

7. 6300:201 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Students are exposed to different skills, mind sets, attitudes, and processes valuable for entrepreneurs and startups. This includes opportunity identification, innovative problem solving, design thinking, and the role of entrepreneurial habits and creativity. Open to all university students.

8. 3750:100 – Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to scientific study of behavior, survey of physiological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, development, learning and cognition, personality, social interaction and other selected topics.

9. 3400:250 – U.S. History to 1877

Historical survey from the Age of Discovery and North American colonization through the creation of the United States to the Civil War and Reconstruction.

10. 5540:126 – Fitness and Wellness

Participation in individual and group sports. Individual can acquire knowledge and skill in activities which may be of value and satisfaction throughout life.

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