10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Arizona

University of Arizona

University of Arizona offers lots of different courses that students can take during their time in university. Some of these UofA courses are hard and some are easy. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at University of Arizona.

1. DNC 100 – Looking at Dance

Origins of dance as human expression in ritual, social, and theatrical context. Twentieth century developments in ballet, modern dance, movie, and show dancing.

2. AFAS 160D1 – Introduction to African American Literature 

Introduction to African American literature will explore the linguistic and cultural roots and traditions of literary writing by African Americans in three centuries of American history focusing on select readings in poetry, drama, and fictional prose. The overall goal of the course is to introduce students to the history of the different genres, contexts, and content of literary production by African American writers from the 1700s to the late 20th century.

3. CLAS 116B – Word Roots: Science and Medical Terminology 

This course will focus on the history and structure of words including the use of Greek and Latin roots in the formation of technical terms in medicine and the sciences. Elements of word formation (prefixes, suffixes, and bases) will be intensively studied so that the words can by systematically analyzed and broken down into their component parts. 

4. ISTA 301 – Computing and the Arts 

This course examines the ways in which computing and information science support and facilitate the production and creation of art in current society. A particular focus of the course will be to discuss how artists have used advances in technology and computing capacity to explore new ways of making art, and to investigate the relationships between technical innovation and the artistic process.

5. SCI 201A – Creativity and Innovation, Storytelling and Changemaking

As we make the transition from the industrial to the innovation age, individuals, companies and even countries now see their competitiveness in terms of a deep-seated ability to create new sources of value. This course addresses the gap between the desire for innovation and opportunities to learn how “do” innovation, which is a complex phenomenon that blends disciplines and goes all the way from individual psychology to complex social dynamics.

6. AFAS 371 – Hip-Hop Cinema

Course provides a strong foundation in the history and development of hip-hop cinema. Major films, directors, and movements are studied in their historical, social, and cultural context, with a particular focus on the aesthetics of visual language and cinematic techniques.

7. PHIL 330 – Feminist Philosophy

This course explores the ways in which philosophers contributed to the development of feminism, and the ways in which feminist theory is expanding and challenging mainstream philosophy in turn.

8. PSY 150A1 – Structure of Mind and Behavior 

In this course we will focus primarily on the scientific explanations for different experiences and behaviors. In addition, we will look at some unanswered questions, theories, and controversies. 

9. CLAS 340B – Introduction to Classical Art and Archaeology

An archaeological history of Greece and Italy through the study of major excavations and monuments, with emphasis on cultural developments and relationships.

10. ECOL 183 – Marine Biology

Survey of the marine environment and its biotic communities, with emphasis on the natural history of marine organisms.

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