The Little Things in College

After the illusion wears off of college feeling like summer camp, it begins to feel more and more like life. In this new phase, it is important to find appreciation for the little things that life has sprinkled here and there, that keep me going. It is in these small moments where I find relief from the tension that is student life and reground myself in a playful attitude. I offer to you the joy of thinking about the little things in your life that make is so great.

When it’s not raining.

Walking to class in the rain is not fun. Neither is waiting at the bus stop while drops of water spill into your eyes and you can sense your laptop slowly being destroyed. The days it isn’t raining are a blessing. It is so nice to wake up and not have to put on a rain jacket and instead know you will be able to sit in class without shivering from the cold A/C blowing on your wet clothes.

Taking a shower without shower shoes.

I love feeling the tile of the shower beneath my feet. Being able to walk into a shower without fear of getting a strange fungus and without having to squish down the hall in squeaking sandals is a blessing. I relish the moments I have access to shower that is well maintained enough to step in barefootedly.

Drinking, and being able to afford, a nice $4 coffee.

For me, I look forward to my coffee everyday. I’m a mid-day coffee addict that will take it in any form, including in the dirty-bean-water style that the dining hall offers up. But, the days that I can find a reason to get myself over to a boutique coffee shop for an actually hot-warm coffee or a cup of iced cold brew are treats. There is just something so different about ordering a beautiful cup of quality coffee that I will never get over.

Skipping class and later finding out attendance wasn’t taken.

Whoever said it was up to my motivation only to go to class in college was simply wrong. Now, it is up to my motivation heavily aided by the fact that 10% of my final grade is determined by whether I choose to show up, or not. For this reason, I rarely skip class. But on the days I do and then get the “don’t worry he didn’t take attendance” text, it makes rolling over and going back to sleep that much easier.

Getting a text from someone I love.

This one may seem obvious, and is more serious, but it is the little thing that really is a game changer for me. Being so far away from home can be overwhelming sometimes. The days when all I need is a hug from my family are hard when I’m 1000+ miles away. Getting a message from someone that loves me though is integral to remembering that I will always have a place at home. I live for getting a text from my mom, dad, aunt or best friends. A little reminder that I am loved and missed is really all that I need.

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