Top 10 Restaurants near UIUC

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Situated in the heart of Illinois, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is surrounded by a variety of dining establishments that cater to different tastes and preferences. Here’s a list of the top 10 restaurants near UIUC that offer a delightful culinary experience to students, faculty, and visitors alike:

1. Y Eatery, Thai Cuisine

  • Location: 1001 S Wright St, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: An unexpected surprise for those who enjoy Thai cuisine​

2. Cafe Sababa

  • Location: 503 E John St, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: Offering a blend of American, Pizza, and Israeli cuisines, it’s a fantastic food spot right next to the campus​

3. Espresso Royale Cafe

  • Location: 602 E Daniel St, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: Known for its cafe ambiance and a change of pace from the usual coffee shops​1​.

4. Fernando’s Food

  • Location: 44 E Springfield Ave, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: A Mexican eatery that is simple but great for those who crave authentic Mexican dishes​

5. Sakanaya

  • Location: 403 E Green St, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: Known for its Japanese, Sushi, and Asian cuisines, it’s a place where sushi lovers can find satisfaction​

6. Insomnia Cookies

  • Location: 502 E John St Ste 5, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: A delightful spot for late-night cookie cravings with a variety of cookie flavors​

7. Fat Sandwich Co

  • Location: 502 E John St, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: A unique eatery offering a variety of sandwiches to satisfy hefty appetites​

8. Joe’s Brewery

  • Location: 706 S 5th St, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: Known for its American pub-style menu, it’s a great lunch place with reasonable prices​

9. Arby’s

  • Location: 711 S 6th St, Champaign, IL
  • Specialty: Known for its roast beef sandwiches and curly fries, it’s a traditional American fast-food choice​

10. Timpone’s

  • Location: 710 S Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL
  • Specialty: Renowned for its Italian and pizza offerings, it’s a cozy spot for dinner take-outs​

These restaurants near UIUC offer a diverse range of culinary experiences. Whether it’s enjoying a slice of pizza, satisfying a late-night cookie craving, or exploring international flavors, the eateries around UIUC ensure that every meal is an adventure waiting to be explored.

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