10 Best Classes to Take at University of Michigan

Are you looking for some fun and exciting classes to take at University of Michigan Students at UMICH have compiled a list of the best classes. These classes varies in difficulties level, some are considered easy and some are hard. Here is a list of 10 of the best classes to take at University of Michigan.

1) ASTRO 102 – Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Astronomy University of Michigan

In this class, you will study the nature of stars, luminous nebulae, galaxies, supernovae, black holes and everything else that is in the universe. Truly interesting course to take if you love astronomy. This course is also considered as one of the easiest classes to take at University of Michigan.

2) EDUC 118 – Introduction to Education

Education at University of Michigan

As most of us know, education is very important to the society. As future professionals, voters, teachers, parents, and leaders, students at the University of Michigan will help shape the quality of life in the United States, and education will matter a lot. Topics in this class includes the meaning of educating a diverse group of individuals; the process of how kids learn in school; and the changing nature of literacy in the information age. In addition to this, there will be opportunities where you will receive hands-on experience and interactions with kindergartens.

3) MUSICOL 123 – Introduction to Popular 

Music at University of Michigan

If you love music, this course at University of Michigan will explore a whole list of diverse genres and musical artists. This course shows you how the music history has helped shape the popular music we have today in our society. This course is also considered as a GPA booster as it is one of the easier courses offered at the University of Michigan.

4) FRENCH 100 — Intensive Elementary French

French at University of Michigan

This course is for students that have no French background. If you ever wanted to go to France and be able to communicate with the people there, this is the course to take.

5) SPANISH 100 — Intensive Elementary Spanish

Spanish at University of Michigan

This course introduces students to Spanish language and culture with an emphasis on communication: the content-based approach integrates grammar with functional use. Students completing the course will be able to hold spontaneous conversations on everyday topics, understand the gist of one-way communications like radio and television, read for practical information, and write simple correspondence and compositions on familiar topics.

6) SOC 105 – First Year Seminar in Sociology

Sociology at University of Michigan

This class examines and discusses major changes and challenges in population processes and health in societies in a process of substantial social, political, and economic transition, with a focus on South Africa. A special focus is the situation of for the poor and for members of different ethnic groups.

7) GEOG 201 – Introduction to Environmental Science and Geography

Geography at University of Michigan

This course emphasizes the scientific processes and principles behind global environmental problems. Topics include global biogeochemical cycles, human population, ecosystem management, bio-geography, ecological restoration, soil-water-air pollution, environmental health, and energy resources.

8) SOC 110 – Introduction to Information Studies

Information Studies at University of Michigan

This course will provide the foundational knowledge necessary to begin to address the key issues associated with the Information Revolution. Issues will range from the theoretical (what is information and how do humans construct it?), to the cultural (is life on the screen a qualitatively different phenomenon from experiences with earlier distance-telescoping and knowledge-building technologies such as telephones and libraries?), to the practical (what are the basic architectures of computing and networks?).

9) EARTH 102 – Energy from the Earth

Earth at University of Michigan

This class is considered on of the easiest classes at University of Michigan. If you are looking to boost your GPA or looking for an elective course, feel free to take this one.

10) ANTHRCUL 101 – Introduction to Anthropology

Anthropology at University of Michigan

This is an introduction course that explores the structures of inquiry characteristic of anthropology and surveys the field’s four sub-disciplines (biological, archaeological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology), providing a first glimpse of the field’s overall context, history, present status, and importance.

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