University of Michigan Packing List | Move in Day

University of Michigan Packing list

University of Michigan move in day can be extremely stressful during the freshman school year. We understand that feeling and that is why we have compiled a list on what to bring during move in day. Here is the ultimate packing list for University of Michigan students.


-Mugs, cups, plates and silverware
-Can opener
-Ziploc bags
-Napkins/paper towels
-Full length mirror
-Mattress Topper
-Twin XL sheets/comforter
-Storage containers
-Clothing hangers
-Stick-on wall hooks and picture hangers (remember, you can’t use tacks/nails)
-Trash bags
-Posters and Wall Decor (Poster sales @ Union starting Sep. 2, @ Pierpont starting Sep. 11)
-Area Rug

School Supplies:

-Desk lamp
-Textbooks (check out Barnes and Noble for a price match guarantee)
-Index cards
-iClicker (available at Computer Showcase)
-Checks and checkbooks
-Debit/Credit cards
-Student planner
-Binders, notebooks and folders
-3 hole-punch
-Stapler and staple remover
-Pens, pencils and highlighters


-USB drive
-Mini fridge
-Laptop and charger (check out Computer Showcase)
-Power bars
-Extension cords
-Cell phone and charger


-Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, retainers (annoying yes, but necessary)
-Nail clippers, file, tweezers
-Shower shoes
-Hair products/tools
-Shower caddy
-Shaving razors
-Towels (2+)
-Wash clothes (5+)
-Body soaps, shampoos and conditioners
-Shower curtain (if you don’t have community bathrooms)


-Quarters (get rolls at University of Michigan Credit Union)
-Dryer Sheets
-Laundry Basket


-All of your prescribed medicine with backups if possible
-Antibiotic ointment
-First aid kit
-Cold/cough medicine
-Hand warmers


-Venmo or Paypal
-Michigan’s App (for bus schedules, dining hall menus, etc.)
-M-oji (Michigan specific stickers available from the Michigan app)
-Online banking apps


-Sweatpants and sweatshirts
-Winter hats, gloves and scarves
-Winter coats and boots
-Raincoat, umbrella and rain boots
-Michigan everything!! (Barnes & Noble has spirit wear and accepts Blue Bucks)
-Socks and underwear (10+ pairs)
-Athletic wear and shoes
-Casual shoes and dress-up shoes
-Business casual and business formal wear


-Windex and sanitizer wipes
-Pepper spray
-Room fragrance
-Box fan
-Duct Tape
-Duffel/travel bag
-Gym bag
-TV and video games
-Vacuum and broom
-FOOOOD (ramen and hot sauce for example)

What not to bring during University of Michigan move in day (IMPORTANT)

  • Ceiling fans
  • Pets are not allowed except for fish
  • Extension cords
  • Weapons
  • Firearms, knives
  • Hover boards
  • Homemade lofts, cinder blocks, bed risers
  • Candles, incense, wax melters
  • Nails, screws, wall mounting kits or anything that leaves permanent holes in walls
  • Electrical appliances (fryers, grills, toaster ovens.
  • Space heaters
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