University of Michigan Packing List | Move in Day

University of Michigan move in day can be extremely stressful during the freshman school year. We understand that feeling and that is why we have compiled a list on what to bring during move in day. Here is the ultimate packing list for University of Michigan students.

What to bring to University of Michigan Move in Day


-Mugs, cups, plates and silverware
-Can opener
-Ziploc bags
-Napkins/paper towels
-Full length mirror
-Mattress Topper
-Twin XL sheets/comforter
-Storage containers
-Clothing hangers
-Stick-on wall hooks and picture hangers (remember, you can’t use tacks/nails)
-Trash bags
-Posters and Wall Decor (Poster sales @ Union starting Sep. 2, @ Pierpont starting Sep. 11)
-Area Rug

School Supplies:

-Desk lamp
-Textbooks (check out Barnes and Noble for a price match guarantee)
-Index cards
-iClicker (available at Computer Showcase)
-Checks and checkbooks
-Debit/Credit cards
-Student planner
-Binders, notebooks and folders
-3 hole-punch
-Stapler and staple remover
-Pens, pencils and highlighters


-USB drive
-Mini fridge
-Laptop and charger (check out Computer Showcase)
-Power bars
-Extension cords
-Cell phone and charger


-Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, retainers (annoying yes, but necessary)
-Nail clippers, file, tweezers
-Shower shoes
-Hair products/tools
-Shower caddy
-Shaving razors
-Towels (2+)
-Wash clothes (5+)
-Body soaps, shampoos and conditioners
-Shower curtain (if you don’t have community bathrooms)


-Quarters (get rolls at University of Michigan Credit Union)
-Dryer Sheets
-Laundry Basket


-All of your prescribed medicine with backups if possible
-Antibiotic ointment
-First aid kit
-Cold/cough medicine
-Hand warmers


-Venmo or Paypal
-Michigan’s App (for bus schedules, dining hall menus, etc.)
-M-oji (Michigan specific stickers available from the Michigan app)
-Online banking apps


-Sweatpants and sweatshirts
-Winter hats, gloves and scarves
-Winter coats and boots
-Raincoat, umbrella and rain boots
-Michigan everything!! (Barnes & Noble has spirit wear and accepts Blue Bucks)
-Socks and underwear (10+ pairs)
-Athletic wear and shoes
-Casual shoes and dress-up shoes
-Business casual and business formal wear


-Windex and sanitizer wipes
-Pepper spray
-Room fragrance
-Box fan
-Duct Tape
-Duffel/travel bag
-Gym bag
-TV and video games
-Vacuum and broom
-FOOOOD (ramen and hot sauce for example)

What not to bring during University of Michigan move in day (IMPORTANT)

  • Ceiling fans
  • Pets are not allowed except for fish
  • Extension cords
  • Weapons
  • Firearms, knives
  • Hover boards
  • Homemade lofts, cinder blocks, bed risers
  • Candles, incense, wax melters
  • Nails, screws, wall mounting kits or anything that leaves permanent holes in walls
  • Electrical appliances (fryers, grills, toaster ovens.
  • Space heaters
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