10 of the Easiest Classes at University of New Haven

University of New Haven

The University of New Haven offer courses that intersect in different fields of study and disciplines. Here is a list of some of the easiest courses at UNH that you can take as electives to boost that GPA!

1. ACCT 1101 – Introduction Financial Accounting

If you want to know a bit more about money as an elective and want to be your own accountant, take this class. It includes learning about reporting the financial results of operations and financial position to investors, managers, and other interested parties. It also stresses the role of accounting information in decision making.

2. ARTS 1103 – Basic Design I

Do you want to do arts as a side class to breathe from a heavy course load? This class is a foundation class for arts. It will teach you about two dimensional art foundations such as line, color, texture, pattern, value, shape, size, placement, figure-ground and their effective use. The course focuses on introductory concepts and a close examination of color theory through the interaction of form and color for greatest effectiveness in pictorial compositions.

3. CHEM 1103 – Introduction to General Chemistry

Are you worried about a science class and you haven’t taken chemistry in high school? This Introductory course is for you. You will learn fundamentals of chemistry including topics like compounds, nomenclature, and practical applications.

4. COMM 1100 – Human Communication

Before speaking, how did we communicate? We need to know how to communicate in our every day lives with friends, family and coworkers. This course will teach you about communication processes, verbal/nonverbal communication, listening, persuasion, conflict management, and group decision-making. You will also be placed in real-life situations for practice .

5. DIET 2215 – Principles of Nutrition

Are you a foodie and want to learn more about food? This class is an introduction to nutrition science including nutrient interactions, digestion, absorption, sources of nutrients, and importance of phytochemicals. You will also study energy metabolism, weight control, contemporary nutrition issues, and you’ll get to do your own nutrition analysis.

6. ENGL 2201 – Early World Literature

In this course, you will read selected works from all over the world including  classics of prose, poetry, and drama from ancient times through the sixteenth century. You will examine both English works as well as translations.

7. ECON 1133 – Principles of Economics I

Every study needs to know about economics to understand what is going on in the world. In this class, you will look at the foundations of economic analysis, employment, economic growth, banking, and the Federal Reserve System.

8. BUSA 1100 – Leadership in Business Community

If you’re interested in teaching the next generation and becoming a leader, this course introduces students to leaders and their behavior: you will understand the role of the leader within an organization as well as practices required for successful leadership. You will look at videos, use role playing, write , and present.

9. ENVS 1101 – Introduction Environmental Science

Today’s environmental problems have been striking the media as catastrophic and urgent. Science, politics, economics and social life are all affected by the environment and the climate. In this class you will be introduced to the geology, biology, physics, and chemistry behind the problems and to the social and political difficulties inherent in dealing with them. Through a combination of lectures, case histories, in-class discussions, and observation of the environmental decision-making process at work, you will gain an understanding of the complex nature of environmental problems and of the choices that must be made in solving them.

10. HTMG 1165 – Intro to Hospitality & Tourism

Are you into travel and understanding restaurants and hotel industries? Maybe some day you want to open your own taco place? This class is your ally: you will study tourism including customer travel patterns, transportation systems, major tourism suppliers, and distribution. You will also get to understand the role of the hospitality industry in domestic and foreign tourism.

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