10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Richmond

University of Richmond

University of Richmond offers a wide range of classes for students to choose from, and while some classes may be more challenging than others, there are also a number of classes that are considered to be relatively easy. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at University of Richmond:

1.VMAP 112  – Introduction to Drawing

If you are interested in exploring materials, methods and concepts in drawing, then you should take this course. This course will provide a Studio work that is supplemented by lectures, presentations, seminar discussions, and museum visits.


Relatively simple course to understand. The professors give plenty of real world examples and life stories to help you understand patterns and change in human behavior. Fun fact: you get to learn about different cultures!

3. THTR 115 – Theatre Appreciation

This subjects is an introduction to the role of actors, playwrights, directors, designers, and audiences in the highly collaborative art of theatre. Students will learn to appreciate the artistic and intellectual processes of theatre artists and to use knowledge of historical forms and traditions in order to evaluate contemporary live theatre.

4. GEOG 210 –  Planet Earth: People and Place

Interested with the topic of our Planet Earth? Then you should enroll in this class. This class provides Introduction to our earth as home to people and place through geographic approaches that analyze cultural, societal, economic, political, and environmental change.

5. JOUR 101 – News Writing and Reporting

This course provides Intensive training in basic writing and reporting skills, news values, ethical practices, and research. Includes frequent writing assignments.

6. MUS 115 – The Jazz Tradition

For general student. This class provides survey of cultural history of jazz; jazz styles from 1917 to present; and evolution of jazz from African music, music of slavery, ragtime, and blues. Includes concert attendance and performance project.

7. RELG 255 –  Queers in Religion

Introduces students to the the intersections of queerness and religion–ranging from religious homophobia to queer religiosity–in several global religions. Emphasis on fundamental questions of textual interpretation.

8. WGSS 200 – Introduction to Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

This subjects provides Introduction to the broad, interdisciplinary field of women, gender, and sexuality studies.

9. RHCS 100 – Public Speaking

Introduction to the art of public speaking. Students will learn the classical canons of rhetoric: the arts of invention, disposition, style, memory, and delivery. Emphasis is placed on the design and delivery of speeches. Applies to majors/minors and general electives.

10. PSYC 100 – Introduction to Psychological Science

This subject introduces an overview of the study of human behavior, with emphasis on scientific reasoning and the technological skills involved in the process of conducting psychological research and understanding human behavior.

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