10 Easiest Classes at the University of South Carolina

With August coming up, many students are trying to make the right schedule for their classes. Much of which requires outside study time and long hours of homework, however, there are some easier courses that offer students the chance to take a break from that. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at the University of South Carolina.

1. UNIV101 – The Student at the University

They are basically gonna shove this course down your throat at Orientation and a lot of majors and learning communities require that students take it and it is with good reason. This is a class all about USC and how to be a successful student here. So take it. The homework assignments are super easy, all of the classes take really cool field trips and the professors are some of the coolest and most understanding people on campus. It is definitely the easiest class at USC and you should definitely take it.

2. DANC101 – Dance Appreciation 

Another easy A and you’ll need it for your AIU credit for Carolina Core. This course is all about the history of dance and the many different types ranging from ballet to hip-hop to Broadway. The professors in the dance department are all super chill and you can often times get extra credit (you probably won’t need it though) just by attending the student performances.

3. POLI 201 – American National Government 

Need to get your ethics credit done and over with but don’t want to take moral philosophy? I feel ya. Ah, the good ol’ POLI 201, AKA every US History class you’ve ever taken. This class covers straight through the American Government system like never before, well actually you’ve have, multiple times through grade school. Still have your high school notes? Then you might not even have to bother attending class! You don’t even have to memorize the preamble again!

4. LING 101 – Introduction to Linguistics

If you have ever taken a foreign language class… actually if you are aware of how and why you speak than this class will be the easiest A you have ever received. For your social sciences credit, LING 101 is a class with minimal reading, easy homework and group quizzes. If you take the class with Dr. Chun then she will even have full on review days complete with snacks and drinks the day before the mid-term and finals where she answers any questions that you have on the study guide that is basically the exam. This is one of the easy A classes that every International student and student athlete are in so kick back, relax and learn how we communicate with each other.

5. ENGL 101 – Critical Reading and Composition 

This is a class that everyone either takes or tests out of (AP Lit for the win). If you hate writing papers, sucks for you cause that is mainly what this class consists of. It is class that focuses on grammar and vocabulary rather than literature so it will be good preparation for all the essay writing that you have ahead of you.

6. HIST 112 – U.S History – 1865-Present

Want to take a class that you’re literally living through? Well HIST 112 is that class then. It consists of US History from the end of the Civil War to modern times. Most of it are things you see on the nightly news or talked about in your US History classes back in the day.

7. ANTH 161 – An Introduction to Biological Anthropology

I am not a STEM major so I knew that I would not be successful in any biology or chemistry class and the professor was fully aware that that is the reason that most of the class was in there. The primary focus of the class was evolution, primates and humans. The labs were interesting and fairly easy. It is definitely a class where you have to show up to succeed but at least you don’t have to memorize the Krebs Cycle. For your additional lab science credit I would recommend CHEM 107 – Forensic Chemistry.

8. MATH 111 – Basic College Mathematics

I know most of you are probably thinking “I suck at math, why do I need 6 freaking credits?” I totally feel you so if you are not a STEM major, do not make it harder on yourself, just take the easiest classes, show up and get an A. An for your other 3 credits I would totally recommend STAT 110 – Introduction to Statistical Reasoning –  with Dr. Cimino.

9. SPCH 140 – Public Communication

Everybody has to take it so it isn’t that difficult. It does require public speaking and speech writing but it really isn’t that difficult because you get to choose what you talk about, so if you are smart you can just pick easy things to talk about. The final is a speech and it will likely be your easiest final.

10. Any PEDU Class

Physical Education didn’t end in high school. These 1 day a week 1 credit hour classes are fun stress relievers to have during the week and they have such a wide variety of classes that you could take one every semester at USC and still have not taken them all. Some stand outs for me were Self-Defense for Women, Bowling, Pilates, Tai Chi, Scuba and Beginning Belly Dance. These classes are so easy, you can probably go ahead and add the 4 quality points to your GPA.

Jessica Allen

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  1. Dance appreciation is actually not as easy as it sounds…it was so much work. And my friends who had a different professor had even more work than me!

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