10 of the Easiest Classes at UTSG

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Picking out your university classes can be one of the most stressful things ever. You know what courses you need to take and what elective options you have but deciding on which class is best for you is the hardest thing. If you have some harder classes, you may be tempted to pick at least one bird course that can allow you to relax a bit. With that in mind, here are 10 classes at University of Toronto (UTSG) that are easy just for you.

1. PHL101 – Introduction to Philosophy

This course is a historical introduction to philosophy which takes up some basic questions about human life as they have been addressed in the Western philosophical tradition, such as: What is a life worth living? What is a just political order? What is the basis for judgments of right and wrong? Is there a God? What can I know, and how can I know it? What is the nature of consciousness?

2. ENV100 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

An investigation of the relationship between human beings and their natural and built environments. This interdisciplinary course will draw from the sciences, social sciences and the humanities to explore major social, cultural, economic, regulatory, ethical, ecological and technological aspects of environmental issues. This class is considered an easy online course.

3. AST101 – The Sun and Its Neighbours

Our place in the Universe. Phenomena we see in the sky. What we know about the Sun, the planets and comets, and the formation of the solar system – and how we know it. 

4. NMC104 – Near and MIddle Eastern Civilizations IV

An introduction to the history, lands, peoples, religions, literatures and cultures that produced the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Topics to be covered include an overview of the geography and history of Ancient Israel and Judea, the role of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages, the literary genres reflected in biblical and some contemporary non-biblical texts, and the scholarly methods by which the Bible is studied.

5. PSY100 – Introductory Psychology

A brief introductory survey of psychology as both a biological and social science. Topics will include physiological, learning, perceptual, motivational, cognitive, developmental, personality, abnormal, and social psychology.

6. PCL102 – The Art of Drug Discovery

This course introduces students to the processes and strategies for discovering new drugs with a special focus on current and emerging approaches for the rational design of drugs that are both effective and safe.

7. EEB214 – Evolution and Adaptation

Evolution and adaptation of life on Earth. Introduction to the theory of evolution by natural selection. Topics may include: evidence supporting the fact of evolution, and how evolutionary theory can help explain the world around us, such as how species are formed, and the evolution of sex, infanticide, and disease. For non-science students in all years and disciplines. This class could be taken online and it’s considered one of the easiest online courses at UTSG.

8. HPS100 – Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science

This is an online introduction to the key issues in the history and philosophy of science. How do scientific theories and method change through time? Is there a universal and unchangeable method of science? What demarcates science from non-science? Can scientific theories provide true descriptions of the world? This is an easy class that could be taken online at UofT.

9. GGR124 – Cities and Urban Life

Offers an introduction to North American cities and urbanization in a global context. It explores social, cultural, political and economic forces, processes, and events that shape contemporary urbanism.

10. ANT100 – Introduction to Anthropology

Society and culture from various anthropological perspectives: socio-cultural, evolutionary, archaeological, and linguistic. 

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