10 of the Easiest Classes at UW-Milwaukee

UWM has been helping students reach their full potential for years. Their goal is to give students the proper education and resources to help them achieve their goals once they are far beyond their college careers. If you are looking for a school that is all about you, then look no further because the UWM is the perfect place for you. Here is your guide to the top 10 easiest courses at UW-Milwaukee.

1. ENGLISH 205 – Business Writing

It is no secret that a lot of the material you will learn in college you will never have to use again. However, Business Writing does not follow this trend. This English course allows you to learn about practical writing techniques that you can take with you into the real world.

2. HIST 248 – The First World War

The First World War is an elementary class for some reasons. One of the reasons is that you have probably covered a lot of the same material while in high school. Another reason is that this is a lectured class that teaches a lot of students at once. This means that you will only need to take the right notes and study hard for tests.

3. ART 489 – Ceramics Workshop

Another great option that you have is the Ceramics Workshop. The great thing about this class is that you are allowed to be yourself and be creative. You will be able to spend class time doing projects and improving your work.

4. ELECENG 301 – Electric Circuits I

An exciting course you can take is the Electric Circuits I. This class is an introductory course so you will not go into immense detail on a lot of subjects. You will learn a little bit about an array of topics within the field.

5. BUS ADM 461 – Consumer Behaviour

If you are going into a field relating to business, Consumer Behaviour may be one of the most comfortable classes that you will have to take. This class dives into how a consumer’s mind works and how to convey a product effectively.

6. CRM JST 271 – Police Process

Although Police Process is a class that mainly only criminal justice majors will take, it is still a comfortable and unique course that is offered. You will learn about how policing works and the ins and outs of the industry.

7. ED POL 113 – The Milwaukee Community

One of the most unique and niche classes that you can take is The Milwaukee Community. This class is relatively easy because a lot of the students are from the area, so the material is not new nor challenging.

8. SOCIOL 102 – Social Problems in American Society

An exciting class you can take to put ease in your schedule is Social Problems in American Society. This class analyses what is going on right now in regards to American Society and how it is impacting the world – there is not much work involved with this class.

9. JMC 113 – Internet Culture

Every College student has used the internet at some point in their life. That being said, Internet Culture can be an excellent choice for you to fit in some easy classes. Just about all of the material that they will teach you is common sense for a college student so you should be able to get an Easy A.

10. FILM 203 – Media Workshop

Media Workshop is a class that you can take to put a break in your already strict schedule literally. This class allows you to go in a classroom setting to work on either class assigned work or your work. This makes it easy to get a good grade because you can spend the time perfecting your craft.

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