10 of the Easiest Classes at UW Whitewater

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

At University of Wisconsin – Whitewater – like every other university, you literally have to battle it out with other course mates in other to come out as the best of the best or else crumble under pressure. We are sure you would want the latter. Here are ten easy classes to enroll in at UW Whitewater.

1. PHI 101 – Intro to Philosophy

An Intro to Phil. as an activity of clarifying ideas, developing & evaluating positions & arguments, & thinking critically about the Big Ideas That Matter, such as right & wrong, free will, God, the good life, knowledge, truth, education, & rationality. Typically involves reference to the leading figures & schools of thought in the history of Phil.

2. SOC 210 – Sociology of Sport

A Survey of the past & present roles sport has played within our society including its impact on the educational system, the media, the family & economic structures. Areas including heritage, social status, personality & race will be addressed. Primary emphasis given to sports in the U.S.

3. SOCIOLGY 265 – Race and Ethnic Relations

This course examines relationships between racial minorities and the majority group in the United States in their socio-historical contexts. Early histories of relations between minorities and the majority as well as present relations will be addressed. Questions raised include whether American society should attempt to minimize differences between minorities and the majority, and whether to blend or maintain group identities.

4. WOMENST 240 – Gender, Sexuality and Work

This course explores the social construction of paid and unpaid work, using the lenses of gender, sexuality, race, class and more. With this intersectional lens, this course provides an overview of the changing nature of work in the United States, gender and sexuality based problems in the workplace, and strategies to overcome institutional and interpersonal workplace challenges.

5. ENGLISH 163 – Introduction to U.S. Culture for International STudents

Study of U.S. culture from interdisciplinary perspectives by examining cultural topics (such as the changing form of the family, educational opportunity, economic change) to come to a deeper understanding of U.S. and the students’ home cultures. Students must pass this course with a C- or better to exit the IEP.

6. FILM 110 – Visual Culture in America

This course explores the history and enduring significance of visual culture in America. Themes the course will explore include the role of technology in visual culture, modern consumerism, cinematic representation, and the postmodern digital collage of contemporary culture.

7. ANTHROPL 218 – Cultural Anthropology

Varieties of human cultures past and present throughout the world, emphasizing the comparative study of social systems.

8. CORE 110 World of the Arts

This course exposes students to the areas of Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Art. Students will gain insight into the basic components of the arts, the role of art in society, and be given an historical perspective on art. Students will attend performing arts events and see work in the gallery context. Both western and non-western arts will be explored.

9. COACHING 240 – Introduction to Coaching

A course designed to introduce undergraduate students to the profession of coaching. The nature of the profession, qualifications, skills and issues relative to the profession will be explored.

10. BIO 101 – Concepts of Biology

An Intro to the fundamental principles of living organisms. Includes cell & tissue structure, growth, basic physiological processes, reproduction & inheritance, classification, evolution & ecology. Lecture, lab, & may also include demonstrations, discussion & field trips

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