Top 20 Colleges with the Best Forensic Science Degrees

Forensics Science Degree

Forensic science colleges and programs are sprouting left and right all across the country. If you are interested in criminal investigating by using laboratory equipment and analysis of evidence, then this is the program for you. Listed below are colleges with the best forensic science degrees.

1. Virginia Commonwealth University

At VCU when you earn a BS in Forensic Science you will explore everything from microscopy to criminal procedure. This exhaustive program is housed in VCU’s renowned Department of Forensic Science and is fully accredited by FEPAC (the Forensic Science Educational Programs Accreditation Commission).

2. Penn State University

At Penn State you will gain a hands-on experience when earning a BS in Forensic Science degree. This program puts you in the lab and crime scene training facilities. Penn State is known for its research activities in the fields of engineering, sociology computer science, psychology, and more. Ranked 50th among all national universities, Penn State is also globally ranked, often landing among the top 100 best schools in the world.

3. Texas A&M University

At TAMU you will explore both the theoretical and practical applications of forensic science. And you will gain a sturdy foundation in the principles of investigation. You can even specialize in pre-law forensic science. Because of TAMU’s research initiatives and ambitions, the university sustains close relationships with, and is funded by, NASA, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and more. U.S. News & World Report ranks TAMU 68th among all national universities.

4. Michigan State University

Though not technically a forensic science degree, MSU’s Bachelors in Criminal Justice program allows you to specialize in forensics. The MSU campus is home to dozens of renowned research facilities, labs, and centers. Considered a Public Ivy and a member of the Association of American Universities, MSU is a highly ranked school. U.S. News & World Report consistently includes it among the top 100 best universities in the nation

5. George Mason University

George Mason’s College of Science offers a full BS in Forensic Science degree that prepares students for a range of career options. George Mason University is nationally ranked by Forbes and U.S. News & World Report. Campus is comprised of numerous renowned research centers.

6. George Washington University

While George Washington University may not offer a full forensic science program, they do allow students who major in chemistry to specialize in forensics. This program is ideal for students who want to work in federal and state forensic labs. GWU has many strong academic programs, but it is especially known for training leaders in government, journalism, forensic science, and international affairs.

7. Marshall University

At Marshall you can earn a BS in Digital Forensics and Information Assurance degree. This is a perfect program for those who want to combat cyber threats through information technology. Marshall is home to two prestigious honors programs: the John Marshall Scholars and the Society of Yeager Scholars. And the university’s forensic science programs were recently ranked first in the nation according to the Forensic Science Assessment Test.

8. St Mary’s University

There are many ways to study forensic science at St. Mary’s. In addition to foundational coursework in forensic science you will aso gain crucial real-world experience through the university’s internship program. St. Mary’s University is regionally well ranked by U.S. News & World Report. In addition to its academic reputation, St. Mary’s is also known for its affordability and its commitment to community service.

9. American Intercontinental University

AIU offers a BS in Criminal Justice degree that can be paired with specialization in Forensic Science. This program is offered online as well as on the Atlanta and Houston campuses. Through AIU you will learn how to investigate and solve crimes as well as understand the theories and causes behind criminal activity.

10. University of Nebraska Lincoln

At UNL there are many ways to study forensic science. You can combine the BS degree with a pre-law track. Or you can concentrate in crime scene investigation or biochemistry. Nebraska’s oldest university, UNL is a flagship institution. In addition to its academic reputation, UNL is known for its commitment to sustainability. Many of its buildings are LEED certified and campus has organized several successful green campaigns and programs.

11. West Virginia University

WVU offers a BS in Forensic and Investigative Science degree. Through this program you can become a highly trained specialist in one of three areas: forensic examination, forensic biology, or forensic chemistry. West Virginia University is well-ranked by Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and Washington Monthly. Even more, WVU has graduated dozens of Rhodes, Goldwater, and Truman Scholars. It is recognized for its research initiatives and is thus designated an “R1” Research University.

12. Loyola University Chicago

When you earn a BS in Forensic Science degree from Loyola you will have the opportunity to concentrate in forensic biology and DNA or forensic chemistry. Both give you a broad understanding of the criminal justice system. U.S. News & World Report ranks Loyola University among the top 100 best universities in the nation. On top of these academic accolades, Loyola has earned a notable reputation for its promotion of community service among students on campus.

13. Syracuse University

Syracuse offers an integrated major that combines forensic science with anthropology, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, or sociology. This will provide you with a broad concept of forensic science theory and applications.

14. Miami University

Miami University’s BS in Forensic Science and Investigation degree is markedly interdisciplinary. You will take classes in the natural sciences, criminal justice, and hard sciences. Miami University, despite its size, gives its students a traditional liberal arts education. It is ranked 79th among all national universities by U.S. News & World Report. And it is an original member of the Public Ivy schools.

15. University of Tampa

The University of Tampa’s forensic science program prepares students to collect and interpret crime data, communicate cogently, and work independently. Students receive training specifically in forensic chemistry and toxicology, but also in biology, firearms, and fire debris analysis.

16. Hofstra University

Hofstra’s BS in Forensic Science program prepares students to work in the legal system. Expect to take classes in an array of subjects while also completing an internship. Hofstra’s online programs are often included among the U.S. News & World Report rankings. And campus is marked by its commitment to research and community. Of the many research institutes at Hofstra are the renowned Institute for Health Law and Policy and the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation.

17. University of New Haven

The University of New Haven offers an undergraduate degree in forensic science that teaches students how to use the latest crime-solving technologies. You will take a variety of classes in forensic science fundamentals in addition to completing an internship or research project.

18. Gannon University

After establishing a liberal arts core, at Gannon you will learn the ins and outs of forensic science. This is an interdisciplinary program in which you can focus on either biology or chemistry. Gannon has been included in U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of “America’s Best Colleges.” It is also regionally ranked, and it’s consistently included among the top 10 best colleges for affordability.

19. Trine University

Trine’s BS in Forensic degree is specifically for those who want to work directly in crime scene investigation. As a Trine student you will be trained in laboratory process. And you will become proficient in all kinds of technologies, from spectrophotometers to ballistics and fiber microscopes. Trine University is ranked among the top 25 best universities in the Midwest.

20. Pace University

At Pace you’ll gain a foundational education in forensic chemistry, criminalistic, biology, and more. You’ll work in the DNA sequencing lab and you’ll learn virtual crime scene reconstruction. As a whole, Pace is ranked nationally among the top 200 best schools in the U.S. In addition, U.S. News & World Report ranks many of Pace University’s colleges and schools well, especially the law and business departments.

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