10 of Easiest Classes at Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University

A lot of students are searching for easy classes to take at Vanderbilt University. The reason for this is to balance the classes throughout the year and also help boost your GPA. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Vanderbilt University.

1. ANTH 1101 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

The study of diverse cultures in the contemporary world. The ways in which cultures have developed and changed. Intended for students with a general interest in the field of anthropology.

2. ARTS 1101 – Introduction to Studio Art

Processes, fundamental elements, and principles of art. Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, installation, and time-based art.

3. BSCI 1103 – Green Earth: The Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants

Biodiversity of plants, their adaptations to the environment, and their evolutionary and ecological relationships. Basic biology of plant form and function and the importance of plants for life on Earth.

4. CMA 2300 – Film and Media Theory

This course is an advanced introduction to film and media theory as a mode of inquiry. We will read some of the major works representing significant movements in film, photography, and digital theory from the early part of the 20th century up to our contemporary moment.

5. SOC 1010W – Introduction to Sociology

The study of human society; the nature of culture and its organization. Processes of communication, socialization, mobility, population growth.

6. SOC 3612 – Class, Status, and Power

Analysis of the competition for jobs, advancement, and income. The influence of social background, education, politics, race, sex, changes in national economy, and other factors will be considered.

7. CMAP 8004 – Media Ecology

Media as environment. Impact of interplay between technology and culture on all aspects of human life. Effects of media technologies on built environments such as urban centers, academic learning spaces, museum and gallery settings, hospitals, transitory spaces, domestic interiors, natural surroundings. Special focus on questions of media and climate change; the ecology of video gaming and artificial intelligence; environments of reading. 

8. PSCI 1101 – Introduction to Comparative Politics.

Democracy, communism, and authoritarian rule in developed and developing countries; political institutions and public policy in diverse national settings; principles of comparative analysis.

9. PSCI 3253 – Ethics and Public Policy.

Political and moral values in assessing policy-making, public policies and processes,
and policy impacts. Prerequisite or corequisite: 1101

10. PHIL 1100 – Introduction to Business Ethics.

Ethical issues arising from business and professional practice. Topics will include: corporate social responsibility, employee rights, technology and privacy in the workplace, corporate governance, and globalization.

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