10 of the Easiest Classes at West Chester University

west chester university

WCU is a great place to learn. They offer good courses, and you will learn a lot from these courses by the time you complete them. Building your grade is essential, and you will need some good courses to achieve that. Here is a list of some of the easiest courses at West Chester.

1. ART 106 – Beginning Drawing

Drawing from direct observation and an introduction to ideas of perception and interpretation. Use of a variety of media.

2. DAN 133 – Jazz Dance 1

This course will bring students together in movement practice and expression through the investigation of various American Jazz dance forms. Students will focus on the technical elements that form the practice, as well as the musicality and rhythmic structure that is essential to the form. In these experiences, students will search to find their own “voices” within the movement.

3. FLM 200 – Introduction to Film

A survey of the principal elements of the film, including photography, editing, sound, acting, and narrative.

4. ARB 101 – Modern Arabic I Elementary

Introduction to basic written and spoken Arabic language and culture; fundamentals of grammar and oral practice.

5. CHI 101 – Elementary Chinese

Introduction to elementary Mandarin Chinese with focuses on hearing, speaking, reading and writing to develop basic competence. Emphasis is on the integration of all language skills.

6. HBW 101 – Elementary Biblical Hebrew I

Forms, grammar, and idioms of Biblical Hebrew. Selected readings. Class Notes: Individualized Instruction.

7. WOS 100 – Body Politics: Gender, Culture, and Representation

This course examines the body as a contested site of both pleasure and oppression. Considerable focus will be placed on the impact of culture on our understandings of the body, including ideas about gender, race, and sexuality. Students of all genders will be encouraged to explore how their body image has been shaped by social norms that are simultaneously accepted and resisted. This course thereby provides an opportunity to question a variety of norms surrounding the body, including ideas about beauty, size, shape and ability.

8. SOC 100 – Introduction to Sociology

This course introduces students to the sociological study of society. Sociology focuses on the systematic understanding of social interaction, social organization, social institutions, and social change.

9. MUS 199 – Recital Attendance

Attendance at approved departmental concerts. Required of all music majors (BMus, six semesters; BA and BEd, four semesters). Repeatable unlimited times. CR/NC only.Attendance at approved departmental concerts. Required of all music majors (BMus, six semesters; BA and BEd, four semesters). Repeatable unlimited times. CR/NC only.

10. COM 100 – Internship in Computerized Communication

Internship for high school seniors to engage in a structural and supervised learning experience in computerized communication.

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