10 of the Easiest Classes at Babson College

Being at the top of your game at Babson College isn’t a piece of cake, you need to know what ticks and doesn’t while you study here. Taking easy classes have proven to help people get past the hassle of trying to meet the right grade and we believe it will help you too. Here are ten of the easiest classes to take in Babson College.

1. ART1171-01 – Mixed Media Drawing

This is an introductory course designed to engage observational and experimental approaches to drawing. Employing a broad range of materials, from charcoal and pastels to ink and found materials, students will study and synthesize fundamentals such as perspective, mark making, line quality, value, and figure-ground relationships.

2. NST1070-04 – Climate and Human Health

This course investigates the interaction between the spheres of natural science and human health. Human activities impact the global climate and the resultant climate change impacts human health, both directly and indirectly. This course focuses on the background of various global health issues and their links to climate using the scientific method and multiple data-driven activities to evaluate research questions.

3. WRT1001-11 – Writing Across Contexts

This course introduces students to key concepts in meaning-making and helps them develop rhetorically sophisticated approaches to reading, writing, and composing across contexts. Students refine and reflect on their own composing practices and processes past, present, and future as they read, analyze, and create texts for a wide variety of audiences, purposes, and media forms.

4. EPS3551-01- Entrepreneurial Families

This is a practice oriented course that has two primary foci:  1) helping students from family businesses integrate their learning at Babson with specific needs of the family and to facilitate entrepreneurial activity, dialogue and relationship building between the student and their families as part of their experience at Babson.   2) creating hands on learning opportunities for these students that will better prepare them for their future with the family business including engaging with guest speakers, mentors, company visits etc.

5.  MKT3574-01 – Customer Acquisition and Persuasion

Customer acquisition and retention is the driver of revenue and hence the lifeblood of every company. Therefore, organizations continuously seek people with strong persuasion skills. College graduates often become sales professionals, business development executives, customer relationship managers, or end up in positions that complement these roles.

6. NST1060-03 – Oceanography

This course will stress the importance of the scientific method – both in principle and in practice. Extensive discussion of human environmental impacts on the ocean (e.g., climate change, marine pollution, overfishing) will enhance perspectives of self-awareness and ethical decision-making related to social, economic and environmental responsibility and sustainability (SEERS). Critical analysis is emphasized in class discussions, exam questions, lab reports, written assignments, and the group project.

7. SME2031-03- Principles of Microeconomics

Microeconomics examines the decisions made by consumers, firms and governments in allocating scarce resources. Raw materials are not available in infinite quantities; neither are human labor and productive capital. Managers must deal with real-world constraints in making decisions about production and pricing, while consumers are subject to the constraints of income and prices in satisfying their needs and wants. Governments must set basic rules for an economy, provide certain goods and services, and deal with issues of taxation, income distribution and inequality when determining how a country’s resources will be used and who benefits from those resources.

8. EPS3518-01 Crowdfunding

This hands-on workshop gives students the opportunity to plan a crowdfunding campaign for a creative project or entrepreneurial venture. Online crowdfunding builds community around innovative projects by organizing stakeholders and leveraging in-person and online social networks. Goals of crowdfunding include stakeholder alignment, concept testing, product pre-selling and venture de-risking. Students work individually or as part of a team to design a crowdfunding campaign which at students’ discretion may be executed following the workshop.

9. SCN3635-01- Human Nutrition

Every day we are bombarded with information about diet and health, often confusing and contradictory. As consumers, it is difficult to separate fact from fad, truth from fiction. This course will provide a foundation in basic nutrition, including anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract and the development of disease, with the goal of applying this information to aid in making informed choices in the treatment and prevention of nutrition related disease.

10. NST1020-01 – Energy and the Environment

As the world’s current energy demand continues to rise, it is critical to understand the causes, impacts, and possible solutions to our current global energy crisis. This course will focus on the technologies associated with renewable forms of energy and their potential for future success.

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