10 of the Easiest Courses in San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University

Have you considered taking a few easy courses at San Francisco State University? Well, here is a list of 10 easy courses you may want to select from. These courses can be taken as electives. Here are 10 fun and easy classes at SFSU.

1. CAD 120 – Child and Adolescent Development, Social Justice, and Academic Success

This class is restricted to freshman, so you’ll get to meet a lot of people in your year as well as earn three credits. The courses focuses on educational and social justice for child and adolescent development. There will be discussion of general education skills, oral communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning, are systematically reinforced.three toddler eating on white table

2. ANTH 100 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans and their behavior in society. This class discusses human evolution and our relationship with the animal kingdom throughout. You’ll also learn about geological time, fossil humans, human heredity, anthropometry, and racial theories and problems.

3. ISED – 150 Orientation to Education

If you’ve ever considered teaching for a career, this class may help you decide. You will gain firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to work as a teacher through classroom visitation and field trips to educational institutions. In addition, there will be class session that discuss teaching as a career, professional opportunities, and qualifications and demands.Lecture hall with students and professor

4. SXS 110 – Sexuality in Society

This class gives an introductory exploration of sexuality in social context. The class will delve into conventional and individualizing understandings of sexuality. You’ll see research articles, documentary films, and mainstream television and magazines. human-sexuality-male-female-symbols

5. COMM 150 – Fundamentals of Oral Communication

If you have a fear of public speaking, this is your chance to face that fear. This course gives an introduction to communication in interpersonal relationships, in groups, and in formal speaking situations. You’ll get to practice speech preparation and oral presentation. The only catch is that you must have a C- or CR or higher for the class to count for your gen ed requirements.

6. C W 101 – Introduction to Creative Writing

If typical essay writing bores you and scientific articles fly over your head, this class is the perfect place for you to better your writing skills. The class focuses on the creative writing process. You’ll complete exercises in writing poetry, fiction, and dramatic scripts with selected readings of exemplary works.

7. ASTR 115 – Introduction to Astronomy

If you have STEM general education requirements to fill, this class may be a good fit because it is designed for non-science majors. The class covers the solar system, stellar evolution, the big bang theory, black holes, galaxies and everything in between. In particular, you’ll discuss the search for extraterrestrial life and you’ll have the opportunity to use a real telescope!

8. CSC 101 – Computers for Everyone

With computers and technology so widespread in day to day life and in the job market, having some extra knowledge about computers will put you at an advantage. There is no prior knowledge required, so this class is true to its name. The course will give a comprehensive and basic overview of computers and their use for tasks such as information retrieval, Internet, writing, presentations, communication, Web publishing, e-commerce, entertainment, and computation.

9. KIN 127 – Personalized Fitness Programs

If you want to guarantee that you will fit some physical activity into your busy days and you want to pick up an extra credit or two, the kinesiology classes are for you. This particular class creates personalized programs for your fitness. However, there are over a dozen other classes that range from Hatha yoga to tennis that you can take.People in fitness class.

10. ETHS 110 – Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience

This is a three credit class in the ethnic studies department. The course will teach basic skills involved in understanding, criticizing, and constructing arguments in this field. In particular, you will use materials about the experiences of different ethnic and racial groups in the U.S.

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