10 Coolest Courses at Binghamton University

Binghamton University

A world-class institution, Binghamton University offers students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective. Its dedicated to helping students experience university life at its fullest.

1. CINE 121 – Experience History and Analysis of Cinema

It will help develop a better and more holistic understanding and appreciation of cinema and works in cinema as a form of art in and of themselves. Along with building their perceptions as something to be admired. The course shows you how cinema and history changed each other and affected each other as well as seeing how films and other works changed individually and manifested their own genres and developed as cinema developed.

2. CINE 122 – Expression and innovation in Film and Video

This course is far more personal compared to the others on the list and even compared to the previous one mentioned. Building upon the understanding of cinema as an art form this now goes on to explore the films and other videos made by artists. It provides you aware of an understanding of the development and presence of subject matter and how subject and technique were employed to provide innovation to the art of the cinema.

3. CQS 111 – Computer tools for management

It is extremely interesting with respect to the fact that it works to connect business and different types of software tools together. This course emphasizes on and works to establish the fluency of different individuals for the tools of software and instruct students how to use that software with several different types of instructions to understand how to use it in business.

4. WRIT 111 – Inquiry and Academic Writing

This course helps to foster and develop students and help them to become people who are strong in speaking, writing and thinking at the same time. The course will help you through the process since it does not consider writing a single object but as a process and helps students to make it better through revision etc. Helping students to develop practical understandings of how to think critically and research and using the different genres of writing together.

5. ENVI 101 – Humans and Ecological Environment

This course will help students to understand and develop their understanding of the relationships that are present and actively available to students. This includes their relationships between the environments as well as humans. This helps develop an understanding of how people affect the ecological structure of the work in which they live. Its making students aware of certain principles of ecology as well this includes things like recycling etc.

6. ENVI 239 – Environment Planning

Environmental planning is a course designed to create an awareness of the public policy implications of the environment and its management. Developing an understanding of factors that influence environmental planning including decision making and other things like politics etc. It also helps students understand how to set environmental goals.

7. GEOG 211 – Cultural Geography

This course is extremely interesting since culture and geography are not two things that would generally be through of as going together and in this case they do. Exploring the geography of the world along five distinct dimensions including regional culture, culture diffusion, culture ecology and many others.

8. GEOG 234 – Urban Geography: Global Linkages

This course is extremely important and pertinent for a holistic and well-rounded understanding of the world and geography of the world on the whole along with it. Urban linkages and a refined definition of globalization are all discussed here along three different dimensions as well.

9. PHIL 121 – Methods of Reasoning

The ability to critically think about a subject is one of the most important qualities to have in the world of academic writing etc. This course helps develop that greatly and apply it to major areas such as law, public policy etc. Along with that, it teaches the ability to make inferences, understanding and analyzing evidence and the different types of reasoning.

10. PHIL 147 – Markets, Ethics and Law

One of the most interesting courses available in the university. This course connects philosophy and economics together and brings together economic practices and connect them with issues of a moral nature. Topics like economic justice and regulation of economic activity is all discussed here greatly.

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