10 Coolest Courses at Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University

There are so many amazing courses available at Frostburg State University. Many students are unaware of the different types of classes available to them. This article will give you the opportunity to find out more about the ten coolest courses that are offered at this institution. Find one that suits your interest and enroll today!

1. ADSP 342 – Fitness and Nutrition in Adventure Sports

This is a very fun course available to students of all majors. In this course you will focus on proper physical training. You will look at different sport injuries and also the prevention and rehabilitation side. This course is only offered during the Spring.

2. ART 370 – Women/Gender and the Visual Arts

The focus of this class is to put an emphasis on the different roles women have played throughout time. You will look at the analysis of of artistic productions in women’s careers. You will also look at different art forms like painting and sculpture.

3. CMST 225 – Interviewing

Communication in informational, appraisal, employment, persuasive and research
interviews. Focuses on selecting and structuring questions to achieve specific
objectives and on strategies of collecting, analyzing and reporting qualitative data for
research. Fall. P

4. ENGL 207 – Introduction to Film Studies

A cross-cultural examination of film with a focus on developing critical skills and
formal approaches to cinematic analysis through such concepts as genre,
cinematography, camera movement and sound. Weekly film viewing. Fall.
Prerequisite: C or better in ENGL 101 or 111 or equivalent.

5. HEED 100 – Personal Wellness

Students will be assisted in developing an understanding of and appreciation for the importance of including lifelong wellness practices and physical activities in their daily lives. Students plan, implement and evaluate own wellness plan. Every semester

6. ART 100 – Art Appreciation

Introduction to the appreciation and understanding of the visual arts. If you are an artsy person, this is the perfect course to take.

7. CMST 122 – Introduction to Public Speaking

Introduction to, and guided application of, basic principles which underlie effective public speaking and listening in informative, persuasive, and ceremonial speeches. Spring.

8. DANC 131 – Ballet I

Beginning ballet techniques, terminology and history. Fall, even-numbered years.

9. EXSS 103 – Foundations of Exercise & Sport Science

The study of both the history and philosophy of exercise and sport science. Emphasis
placed on the subdisciplines of athletic training and health/fitness. Every semester

10. LEAD 101 – Introduction to Leadership Studies

Examines fundamental principles and develops basic skills for effective leadership in
group, organization and community contexts. Spring.

There are so many classes that are available to students that students are unaware of. The best way to find fun classes to excite your education is by researching more on the resources available to you. This article has introduced you to ten of the most amazing courses available to you at Frostburg State University. Let one of these classes be on your next schedule.

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