10 of the Easiest Courses at CSUEB


After having experienced High School, school is only going to get more difficult from there. Here are some courses that you can keep in mind when trying to decide how to make your course load a much less stressful endeavor. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at CSU East Bay (CSUEB).

1. ART 1010 – Introduction to World Art History

This course opens students up to examining the styles of art and how it has been depicted through the course of time. This class is available to non-art majors and offers a solid introduction to the arts. Fulfill an arts credit or just explore new depths of education with this beginning level option.

Introduction to World Art History

2. ESPY 1001 – Career Planning for College Students

If you are unsure of what to take, undergo a college career course and learn what you like to do in the future. This class offers an easy passing grade and will introduce you to new interests, abilities, and values. A lot of students are taking this course at CSU East Bay.

Career Planning for College Students

3. GEOL 1000 – Earth Systems Science

An introduction to how the Earth functions in terms of nature and evolution. Explore the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and solar systems for our planet in a friendly manner. This course is designed for non-geology majors and will help fulfill a science-based requirement.

Earth Systems Science

4. HIST 1014 – World Civilizations I

Learn about various civilizations from many centuries ago including, but not limited to, Egypt, Rome, China, and the Hebrews. This course poses no challenge to non-history majors and is a great foot in the door experience for our world’s history.

trojan horse

5. ENVT 2000 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

This course is the easier version of Environmental Perspectives. It offers background knowledge of surveying methods and various problems across the globe. It is not difficult for non-science majors and serves as a good way to complete a science/lab requirement.

Introduction to Environmental Studies

6. ES 1001 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Examine the historical and philosophical ideas that are presented throughout Ethnic Studies. This class approaches studying African, Asian, Latino, and Native -American cultures within the United States of America.

Introduction to Ethnic Studies

7. SOC 1000 – Introduction to Sociology

Become introduced to how society functions in the analysis of its structure, relations, and changes. This class gives a good of what it means to be a sociologist and is great for anyone who is still trying to discover what it is that they want to study.

Introduction to Sociology

8. LIBY 1210 – Introduction to Information Literacy

Discover the basics of literary concepts from research strategies and techniques. You will identify, acquire, and evaluate throughout the course of this study. Although it is only grade based on lettering, paying attention and focusing in this class will surely guarantee a high grade with ease.

students studying

9. POSC 1000 -Introduction to Political Science

In unsure of what to take when first starting out as a freshman, it is worthy to note that political science is a very popular route of study. This course will introduce you to politics and government as you survey concepts and learn how to approach the world of political science.

Political Science

10. STAT 1000 – Elements of Probability and Statistics

This course is certainly not for everyone, however, if you are at least decent at math and/or statistics this class will be a breeze. The course teaches subjects such as tendency, dispersion, and correlation in a friendly manner that will not take a ton of effort to complete.dices

This should give you a good idea of what to look for when trying to lighten up a course load at the California State University, East Bay. Consider them if also looking for a new major or area of study during the early years or even midway through the college experience.

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