10 of the Easiest Courses at East Los Angeles College

Have a rough start to your freshman year? Trying to raise your GPA before internship recruitment? Make the best of your college experience at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) by checking out some of the easiest classes this institution has to offer!

1. (MUSIC) 101 Fundamentals of Music

Want to become more engaged with the music you listen to? Take Fundamentals of Music! With no background knowledge necessary, this course explores the fundamentals of music, including notation, time signatures and rhythms, major and minor scales and key signatures, intervals, triads, and musical symbols and terminology.

2. (ANIMATN) History of Animation 118

Do you enjoy watching film? Want to make the most out of your next Netflix binge? History of Animation might be for you! In this course, students explore the history of international cinema animation. Topics include the sociopolitical and economic background surrounding the art form and techniques utilized by various animators.

3. (PSYCH) General Psychology 1

The quintessential college course: Introductory Psychology. Students in General Psychology will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of mental and behavior processes in addition to various personality theories, psychological disorders, and research methods. A little studying goes a long way in this class, requiring minimum effort to achieve that coveted 4.0.

4. (LIB SCI) Library Research Methods 101

Need to develop your research skills to write an academic paper? Want to find good sources and avoid plagiarism? Enroll in Library Research Methods! In this course, students learn a variety of useful skills, including citation methods, how to develop research, and an understanding of academic integrity and copyright law. Meeting for only an hour lecture, this class won’t stress you out during finals season. #GoodbyeWikipedia!

5. (PHYS ED) Combined Activities 96

Even though a lot of things change after high school, a physical education requirement is not one of them! In this class, you’ll get the chance to play a fun combination of sports every class. Pelt your classmates with dodgeballs while avoiding the freshman 15. As long as you participate, an A is guaranteed!

6. (HISTORY) Political and Social History of the United States 11

Prior to college, we’ve all learned some form of US History. From coloring hand turkeys in kindergarten to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, US history shows up in all aspects of academia. Political and Social History of the United States will allow you to review and expand on existing knowledge in a non-stressful manner. This course covers the first half of US history from its beginnings in 1776 through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

7. (DANCEST) Introduction to Choreography 452

Do you like to dance? Want to learn how to create your own routine? Introduction to Choreography is the class for you! Instead of putting in late hours studying textbooks at the library, spend time creating new choreography with friends while listening to a variety of music styles. By the end of this course, you’ll have lifetime lasting dance skills and an A to boot. That’s what I call music to my ears!

8. (HEALTH)  Principles of Healthful Living 11

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college can be difficult with the burden of classes, late night studying, and unlimited food options. In Principles of Healthful Living, you can increase your health knowledge and create nutrition and physical fitness goals. Also, you also learn about human sexuality, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. With a minimal amount of homework and a lot of discussion, this class shouldn’t be difficult to handle.

9. (ECON) Principles of Economics 1

Although Economics isn’t exactly like the Wolf on Wall Street, Principles of Economics is a fun and easy introduction to the principles of microeconomics. By the end of this course, students will understand the role of governments in financial markets, allocation of resources, elasticity, monopoly, and more. By combining basic mathematics with logical thinking, this course provides a good foundation for further analytical thinking in your college career.

10. (POL SCI) The Government of the United States 1

Enrolling in an introductory political science class is a pretty typical rite-of-passage for every college student. How does the electoral college work? Who runs state governments? What are special interest groups? These questions and more are explored in The Government of the United States, an introduction to government and politics in America.

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