Summer Internship Experience at a Startup

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Three months ago, I got an email from Unibees about applying for the summer internship. I applied for UI designer position right away. I was so excited to work with Unibees that I would check my email every time I got a notification. One evening, I finally got their email to schedule a meeting time and to send a portfolio/website which I have worked on past. I did not have any front-end design work to show, but I sent them my personal website, my art Instagram account, some logos I made and my work history.

Fast forward to the day of my interview. I was scared and but was also ready. Reading all about Unibees: their founders, their history, and their growth. When asking about my experience, what I like to work on, what am I involved in, and what my expectations are. The interview went really well. After one week, I heard back from them that I got the position. I could not express how excited I was. Before starting my internship, I read so many blogs on do’s and don’ts as an intern. I also watched many crash course videos on HTML and CSS to be prepared.

On the first day, June 18th, was the orientation day. Chandrakiran Achanta (Kiran), one of the co-founders introduced the interns with the process they work with. He explained to us our roles, expectations, norms, and behaviors to succeed, not just as an individual but as a team. He showed us the tools that they use to keep track of the workflow. Initially, I only knew HTML, but Kiran assured me that CSS is super easy and I would be able to learn it really quick. I really love how everyone, including the fellow interns, were so helping and encouraging.

We had a meeting one day, where all the team members had to present what they did that week. Everyone was explaining their inputs to the overall project, which was really exciting and was a learning experience for me. This process also helps us learn to communicate our ideas to each other on the team and be on the same page.  Everyone received very constructive criticisms from the founders to help us improve.

By the end of the first week, I can surely say that I not only learned about coding but also about how to manage people and keep track of all the pieces of the big picture. I also learned to ask for help if I get stuck and to keep moving and learning. Communication plays a big role when you are working as a team. I never thought that I would be this excited to work somewhere!

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