7 College Bathroom Essentials You Need to Have

When it comes time to move into your college dorms, students often forget about the bathroom. Make sure to get these common items people forget to purchase, below! :

1) Hand towel, counter towel and two body towels

Make sure to bring a hand towel to dry your hands after washing them, and make sure to discuss whether you want it to be communal or personal. And bring two body towels so you may use the second one for a few weeks after washing the first one.

2) Hand soap

Oftentimes, they don’t provide the dorm with hand soap. Make sure to bring multiple bottles since it’s most likely your entire dorm will be using it at the same time.

3) Shower Curtain

This depends on whether you have a private bathroom or a floor bathroom. But if you have a private bathroom, make sure to invest in a curtain to ensure water stays within its designated perimeters rather than creating a pool of water throughout the entire bathroom.

4) Soap and Shampoo

This one’s pretty straightforward. Make sure to buy your soaps and shampoos after you settle down in your dorm as to avoid extra weight, and a chance that it may spill on your clothes.

5) Pads and tampons

Make to stock up on pads and tampons ladies! And again, it’s important to discuss whether you want to share these necessities with your roommates or not.

6) Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is an essential people often forget, but it’s important to buy it so you may wash your clothes weekly and not run out of the minimal amount of clothes you can stuff into your college drawers.

7) Garbage can

Many colleges don’t provide garbage cans for your dorm, bathroom or either. Make sure to buy your own just in case!

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