10 Easiest Classes to Take at Carleton College

Carleton College

Carleton College, situated in Northfield, Minnesota, is renowned for its rigorous academic environment and commitment to liberal arts education. However, the university offers a variety of courses that students generally find to be less demanding, providing a chance to balance their coursework and explore new interests. Here is a list of 10 such courses that are popular among students looking for a lighter academic load.

1. ARTS 110: Introduction to Studio Art

This course introduces students to the basics of studio art, covering various techniques and media. The workload is manageable, and the class offers a creative outlet for students from all majors.

2. MUSC 110: Music Appreciation

Designed for non-majors, this course provides an overview of music history, theory, and appreciation. Students enjoy the engaging lectures and find the assessments, which typically include quizzes and short essays, to be straightforward.

3. PHED 100: Physical Education

Carleton College values holistic development, and this physical education class helps students stay active while learning about health and wellness. The course is practical and offers a break from more intensive academic work.

4. ENTS 110: Introduction to Environmental Studies

This introductory course provides a broad overview of environmental issues, sustainability, and ecology. The material is accessible, and assessments include quizzes, short essays, and participation.

5. SOAN 100: Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology

Explore the structures of society, human behavior, and cultural phenomena in this combined sociology and anthropology course. Students find the content fascinating and the assessments, including multiple-choice exams and short papers, manageable.

6. PSYC 110: Introduction to Psychology

Dive into the world of psychology, covering various topics such as development, cognition, and mental health. The lectures are engaging, and assessments typically include multiple-choice exams and short essays.

7. POSC 120: Introduction to American Politics

Learn about the American political system, its history, and its current challenges in this introductory course. The material is relevant and engaging, making it a popular choice for students from various majors.

8. EDUC 110: Introduction to Educational Studies

This course offers an overview of educational theories, practices, and policies. Students appreciate the insightful lectures and find the assignments, which include reflection papers and group projects, to be enjoyable.

9. CINE 110: Introduction to Cinema and Media Studies

Explore the world of film and media in this introductory course. Students watch a variety of films, participate in discussions, and complete assessments that include short essays and quizzes.

10. ENGL 109: Creative Writing

Unleash your creativity in this introductory creative writing course. The class provides a supportive environment for students to develop their writing skills, with a workload that includes regular writing exercises and workshops.


Carleton College provides a challenging yet rewarding academic experience. The courses listed above offer students the opportunity to explore new interests, develop new skills, and enjoy a less strenuous academic workload. Whether you are looking to boost your GPA, fulfill general education requirements, or simply take a break from more demanding courses, these classes are excellent options. Embrace the liberal arts education at Carleton College and make the most of your academic journey!

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