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Choosing your University

4 Things to Consider When Choosing your University

If you’re a high school senior, you must have thought about choosing the best university. Keep in mind, academic qualifications matter in today’s time a lot. Gone are the days when people…

essay writing

Do My Essay for Me: Tips to Compose a Great Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay is an important talent that college and university students.In contrast to telling how one event leads to another event (cause and effect essay)or expressing arguments for a particular…

Yino Wu from wenzao university in Taiwan

Yino Wu from Wenzao University

My name is Yino Wu, I’m 18 years old, and I’m now major in communication art at wenzao university in Taiwan. I am obsessed with filming and creating since I was a…

College Student

10 College Tips I Learned Freshman Year

Ah, to be a college freshman again! There are so many great memories that come to mind: the uncertainty, the stress, the insane workload… On second thought, maybe being a first-year student…