What Makes a Medical School Great?


A great strategy to help you choose a great school is to look at the mission statement of the prospective institution. Great medical schools prioritize active learning. They value the health of the community by engaging their students in volunteering activities and hands-on practice of what they are learning.

High Medical Licensing Exam Pass Rates

You must have passing scores in your medical licensing exam for you to secure residency. Looking at an institution’s average score can help you assess how well the school’s curriculum helps prepare its medical students for this exam. Schools that offer routine exams mimicking the USMLE format, paired with software for allied health schools, can significantly enhance their students’ chances of achieving high scores and obtaining their medical licenses.

High Rankings

Your career can benefit from learning in a prestigiously ranked school. Studying in a highly-ranking elite institution can help you benefit from quality instructors and expose you to prestigious opportunities in the future. Graduating from one of the top 100 US universities can highly benefit your career and present you with a quality education.

A Positive Learning Environment

Learning in a positive, respectful environment boosts your confidence and molds you to become a competent medical practitioner. Great medical schools have such elements that can help you enjoy a positive learning experience. 
Learning should be a hands-on experience where students are involved and have a say in the process as opposed to an environment where students are seen as inferior to their physician colleagues. Great institutions treat their students as junior interns and allow them to participate in the care of patients during clinical rotations. 

Balanced Research and Teaching

Remarkable schools devote vast sums of money towards medical research. They understand the value of providing students with hands-on practice with actual health problems that are facing the community and the world. This practical experience motivates students to solve the health problems we face.
Research practice produces better doctors that are not just focused on the prestigiousness of the course, but are willing to change the world of medicine. Be keen to look for an institution that balances teaching and research experience.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Programs

You need to consider the amount of student debt you are willing to accumulate and balance it with the prospective pay you’ll receive from your profession. The cost of medical programs forces many students to default to higher-paying medical fields to enable them to pay off their debts, leading to lower-paying medical fields like pediatrics suffering from insufficient staff.
Higher education can be very expensive, especially with elite schools. Exceptional medical schools offer scholarships and financial aid to help you glide through your learning experience without financial difficulties. If your desired school doesnt have such programs, it would be wise to consider taking up a student loan and research into loan forgiveness programs.

Opportunities for Personal Interests

Splendid medical institutions take an interest in providing various opportunities for students’ interests. It is a good idea to research what variety of sports, clubs, and student organizations exist in your desired school. Some exceptional medical schools even offer an opportunity to obtain a dual degree that encompasses all your passions.


Try to have a clear picture of what you want from an institution and a vision of your desired career path. It will help you narrow down your medical school options. Don’t forget to research the qualification requirements for your desired school and brainstorm how you can stand out in the admissions committee during the interview process.

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