10 of the Easiest Classes at CU Boulder

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Are you currently a student at CU Boulder looking for some fun and easy classes to take? Here is a list of 10 of the easiest courses that could help boost your GPA.

1. LING 2000 – Introduction to Linguistics

Introduces the study of languages as structural systems. Principles of sound patterns, word formation, meaning, and sentence structure. Gives attention to language acquisition, psycholinguistics, language families, dialects, historical change in languages, and different language types.

2. PHIL 1020 – Introduction to Western Philosophy: Modern

Introduces several philosophical texts and doctrines of 17th and 18th century Europe. Gives special attention to the connection between philosophical ideas and the wider historical milieu: social, political and literary.

3. CLAS 2100 – Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece

Examines evidence of art, archaeology, and literature of Greek antiquity from a contemporary feminist point of view. Focuses on women’s roles in art, literature, and daily life.

4. ANTH 3009 – Modern Issues, Ancient Times.

Considers issues of vital importance to humans, both now and in ancient times. Topics such as food, death, sex, family, literacy, or power are explored to consider how ancient societal norms and attitudes evolved, and how they relate to modern culture.

5. FREN 1200 – Medieval Epic Through Game of Thrones

Covers the most important works of medieval literature in English translation. Among the texts studied are the Nibelungenlied, the Song of Roland, and Arthurian romances, including the stories of Lancelot and Guinevere and Tristan and Isolde.

6. PSYC 1001 – General Psychology

Provides a foundation for engaging with scientific research on human behavior, and surveys the basic principles and theories of psychology. Topics include biological and hereditary influences on behavior; human perception, attention, learning, and memory; social influences; personality; psychiatric disorders and treatments.

7. ANTH 3119 – The Archaeology of Death

Consider Death. It is a universal human phenomenon. Humans across time and space have caused, planned for, reacted to, and carried out death practices in extraordinarily different ways. 

8. COMR 1000 – Communication and Community

Introduction to how communication builds community by creating and sharing meaning. Examination of communication practices at the interpersonal level (friends and family), the group level (teams, classrooms and organizations) and societal level (citizenship, social change, mass media).

9. CSVC 1000 – Work Internship

This class is open to students in good academic standing, whose internship employers require that they receive course credit. The student must first seek to obtain academic credit through their major department. Will not count toward degree requirements in any UCB school or college. 

10. ASTR 1010 – Introductory Astronomy 1

Introduction to the night sky, planets, moons and the life in our solar system. Highlights the latest discoveries from space. For non-science majors.

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Fight, fight for victory
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