5 Worst things about Curtin University

Curtin University

Most of you reading this will already be in university, procrastinating; so, sit down, buckle in, and be prepared to witness a new mark made in history, my very first article written about Curtin University. I love my university so much I trash talk it at every opportunity.

1. Tutors

A new experience for all. We call them by their first name; how bizarre! They are there to do their job and leave, no one babies you in uni like high-school, Curtin’s tutors could not care less if you were magically sick the DAY you had to hand in that assignment. You only get an extension if you are on your death bed and cannot physically type. Don’t even get me on those tutors that so desperately want to be your friend, it may just be me, but Curtin is an endless barrage of teachers putting memes in their slides and slipping some cringy jokes into those long boring classes.

2. Lectures

For pretty much your whole schooling life, you’ve been sitting in a white-walled classroom with 30 other kids with the teacher and their whiteboard. Now get ready for four bigger, whiter walls with hundreds of other students and the lecturer talking just audibly into a microphone from wayyyyy down there.

Lecturers don’t care if they are heard or if you can understand them, you learn to sift through that gibberish. You also learn how to type extremely fast, ya’ll know they will not wait for you to finish your page before they move on to the next slide like in high school.

3. Classes

All throughout school, it is full time classes, six or seven hours a day, five days a week. But now you are a big kid who’s responsible for their own learning and you might be only be on campus for 15 hours or so a week. It sounds great but all that really tells you is to be prepared to fill in the rest of your hours with assignments. university does not finish when you finally head home.

4. Friends

I strongly urge everyone to move out of home and live in the campus accommodation if it is possible, my best friends have been made in those overcrowded little homes, that and rent is CHEAP. The thing about the friends I have made at Curtin is that unlike high school you make lifetime friends. Go clubbing, try new things and meet new people who knows you might find yourself doing something crazy like skydiving over rural WA (yes, I did that).

My 1 criticism of uni is if you don’t drink you are unlikely to make any friends, the drinking culture in the uni and its accommodation is real, but I’m sure there are, few, people that don’t drink that you can connect with anyway.

5. Parking

Personally, I don’t park on campus, but I have heard the WORST thing about Curtin is its parking. If by some miracle you find a bay it may be 100 km from your class or like $1mil an hour. Not even bringing up the nightmare that is Cellopark. Ugh. If it does not work, no one cares you get fined.


Zack is a freshman this year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in LS&A, though he hasn't picked his major yet. He went to high school at East Chapel Hill High in Chapel Hill, NC but he and his family now live in Toronto, Canada. Zack likes reading, writing, sports (especially hockey, soccer, and basketball), and binge watching Netflix (Parks and Rec and The Office in particular). He hopes to go to law school and eventually become a lawyer after he finishes his undergrad degree at Michigan.

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