5 Easy Courses at University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba

With all the hard courses and with the GPA suffering we want some easy courses can can will be interesting and make the grades go up. Here is a list of 5 amazingly easy courses at University of Manitoba.

1. ARTS 1110: Introduction to University

Introduction to University is a super easy course that talks about all the skills and knowledge students need to make the transition from high school to university. This is a pretty easy going course and is super easy to get a good grade in.

2. ANTH 1520: Critical Cultural Anthropology

This is one of the introductory anthropology classes. This course is very interesting as well as being easy. This course examines age, gender, exchange systems, beliefs system, politics and so on. The course is assessed based on supervised reading  and essays which is a good news for students who hate loads of midterms and finals.

3. PERS 1300: Introduction to Leisure Travel

Introduction to Leisure Travel is another GPA booster. This course talks about why people travel, organizations of tourism and tourism in Canada. This course is one of the all time favorite electives among all the students. So don’t miss this one to get an A on the transcript.

4. GEOG 1280: Introduction to Human Geography

Another interesting and super easy course. This course talk about human population, resources, human settlement. With a till effort this one can get you an A.

5. ITLN 1080: Introductory Italian

Learning another language is itself pretty interesting and more over this course is an easy A. It is a very basic introductory Italian course for people with no previous knowledge. This course is  both on written and spoken Italian. So this is a pretty fun and easy course.


For some people COMP 1010 can be a very fun and easy course. It’s an introductory programing language learning course but people who are not into programing might not really like it.

MATH 1010 is another course that some people might find very easy but for people who are not a fan of math this might not be the right GPA booster.

Overall in the crowd of our hard major courses we all want some easy electives to get some A’s on. This above list should help you with that but always remember to check the professor who you are taking the course with. A professor can make or break the course.  Cheers!

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