10 Easiest Classes to Take at Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College, an Ivy League institution renowned for its academic excellence, offers a myriad of courses across various disciplines. While it maintains high academic standards, there are certain classes that students find to be more manageable and enjoyable. Here is a list of ten such courses that can provide a balance to a rigorous academic schedule while still offering an enriching educational experience.

1. ART 1: Drawing I

This introductory art class allows students to explore the basics of drawing, focusing on techniques and materials. With a hands-on approach and a relaxing atmosphere, students find this course to be a creative break from more demanding subjects.

2. MUS 2: Fundamentals of Music

Fundamentals of Music is designed for students with little to no musical background. The course covers basic music theory, notation, and ear training, providing an accessible introduction to the world of music.

3. PE: Various Physical Education Classes

Dartmouth offers a variety of physical education classes, ranging from team sports to individual fitness activities. These classes provide a great way for students to stay active while enjoying a lighter workload.

4. ENVS 2: Introduction to Environmental Science

This course introduces students to the principles of environmental science, covering topics like ecology, climate change, and sustainability. Assessments are straightforward, making this class a popular choice for students of all majors.

5. SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology provides insights into societal structures and human behavior. The course encourages critical thinking but is structured to be accessible, with multiple-choice exams and engaging lectures.

6. PSYC 1: Introduction to Psychology

This introductory psychology course covers a broad range of topics, including development, cognition, and mental health. Students appreciate the fascinating material and the straightforward assessments.

7. FILM 1: Introduction to Film Studies

For those interested in film, this course offers an overview of film history, genres, and analysis. The workload includes film screenings, light readings, and short response papers, making it an enjoyable option for many students.

8. WRIT 5: Writing 5 (Various Topics)

Dartmouth’s first-year writing program offers a variety of topics, all designed to improve students’ writing skills. The classes are small, and instructors provide valuable feedback, making this a rewarding experience for students looking to hone their writing abilities.

9. PHIL 1: Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy covers major philosophical ideas and thinkers, encouraging students to engage with thought-provoking material. Assessments are based on essays and class participation, providing a platform for open discussion and exploration.

10. GEOG 1: Introduction to Human Geography

This course offers insights into how human activities shape the world, covering topics like urbanization, migration, and cultural landscapes. The material is engaging, and assessments are designed to be accessible to students of all backgrounds.


Dartmouth College, while known for its rigorous academic environment, provides a range of courses that are both accessible and engaging. The classes listed above are known for their manageable workloads and enriching content, ensuring students can find a balance that suits their academic needs. Whether looking to explore a new interest, fulfill a distribution requirement, or simply enjoy a less stressful term, these courses offer a fantastic opportunity to do so. Embrace the Dartmouth experience and make the most of your time at this prestigious institution.

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