10 of the Easiest Classes at Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University located at Ypsilanti, Michigan has varieties of options when it comes to courses. Most students look for courses that will enlighten them and have fun learning. And the same time boosting their GP. Below are the list of the easiest classes you can take at Eastern Michigan University to make your stay worthwhile.

1. COSC 105 – Everyday Computing and Social Responsibility [GEGA]

Two hours lecture/discussion, two hours lab. This course combines extensive exploration of ethical issues faced by everyday computer users with hands-on practice using a broad variety of online and computer productivity tools to support socially responsible computer use.

2. BIO 105 – Introductory Biology for Non-majors [GEKN]

A study of the basic concepts of modern biology common to all organisms with an emphasis on human systems and issues. Designed for students who are not majoring or minoring in biology.

3. PSY 101 – General Psychology Lecture [GEKN]

Principles, theories, and methods evolving from the scientific analysis of behavior

4. MUSC 101 – Music Theory I

Integrated theory course dealing with perception, writing, analysis and performance of basic musical materials; stylistic comprehension of music of all periods

5. GREK 101 – Beginning Ancient Greek I

For students with a strong interest in archaic and classical Greek culture. Acquaints students with sufficient ancient Greek grammar, vocabulary and syntax to facilitate the reading of the my dadasterpieces of Greek literature.

6. DANT 139L1 – Classical Ballet Technique II for Dance Majors/Minors [GELB]

A lecture/laboratory class that introduces the theory and technique of intermediate classical ballet and fosters a critical understanding of ballet as an art form at the dance major/minor level.

7. DANC 113L1 – Jazz I [GEKA and GELB]

Jazz I provides the non-major student with the execution of jazz technique and choreography while academically incorporating the foundational history and development of jazz as an art form. This course also provides the student with cutting-edge trends in the field.

8. LING 201 – An Introduction to Linguistics [GEKS]

An introduction to phonology, morphology, syntax, the lexicon, semantics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and other concerns

9. SOCL 105 – Introductory Sociology [GEKS]

Basic sociological concepts are used to analyze social systems, socialization, social inequality, deviance and conformity, and the process of social change with focus on family, educational, religious, governmental and economic institutions.

10. HIST 101 – Western Civilization to 1648 [GEKH]

A topical survey of western civilization from its Greco-Roman origins to the 17th century. Cultural development and institutional growth are emphasized. Greco-Roman contributions, the Judeo-Christian heritage, Byzantine and Islamic cultures, European expansion and militarism, the Renaissance and the Reformation are among the major topics considered.

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