10 of the Easiest Classes at Northwestern University

Northwestern University has a wide variety of courses but there are so many easy classes too. Whether you want to boost your GPA or have fun while learning, Northwestern University has got you covered. Below are 10 of the easiest classes at the Northwestern University.

1. ART 210-0 – Introduction to Drawing

Introduction to basic drawing techniques and problems in line, space, perception, and the expressive use of various graphic media.

2. DANCE 101-1 – Introduction to the Dance Experience

Foundation for further studies in dance technique, science, history, and analysis. Movement awareness: introduction to body-mind approaches to movement study, including Laban movement analysis, yoga, tai chi, body-mind centering, and Feldenkrais.

3. ENTREP 311-0 – Storytelling for Business

Humans have been communicating through stories for 20,000 years. They have the power to persuade, engage, and inspire action. But too often, in business, we don’t think about harnessing the power of stories. Storytelling for Business will teach students how to use narrative techniques and structures to create compelling stories to help them nail an interview, motivate a team, secure funding, build a brand, and inspire customers.

4. GNDR_ST 231-0 – Gender, Sexuality, and Representation

 Representations in art and literature within their historical, social, and political contexts. Theories of spectatorship, resistance, and revision.

5. SOCIOL 110-0 – Introduction to Sociology 

Broad overview of a wide range of social issues and ways of sociological thinking. Characteristics of group life. Interrelations of society, culture, and personality; major social institutions and processes.

6. SPANISH 101-1 – Elementary Spanish

First course of a three-quarter sequence in introductory Spanish, designed for students who have never studied Spanish or studied Spanish less than two years in high school. Students will learn Spanish in order to use it beyond the classroom in meaningful and authentic ways at the Novice level of proficiency. This means that students will be able to communicate short messages on everyday topics that affect them directly. Class is taught in Spanish.

7. THEATRE 171-0 – Basic Acting

Introduction to the study of acting: sensory response, imagination, and characterization work leading to prepared scenes from selected plays.

8. PERF_ST 101-0 – Modes of Performance

Introduction to performance as a concept, embodied practice, and as a critical methodology. We will cover the various ways performance has been conceived over time; various approaches to acting; various performance styles; and various ways of using performance to analyse literary and non-literary texts. Students will do both solo and group performances each week and write critical essays on performance.

9. GEN_MUS 170-0 – Introduction to Music

Key concepts and contexts for becoming an informed listener and critical thinker with respect to a broad range of musical styles and genres and for acquiring the skills and vocabulary to discuss and write about music effectively. Individual sections may vary from quarter to quarter; see specific section descriptions for more information.

10. JAZZ_ST 210-1 – Jazz History I

The origins of jazz, its performers, and their contributions. Includes a look at contemporaneous social conditions during its development.

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