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Hey Everyone! I’m Brian Derosier from Saddle River NJ. I’m a Marketing major and love to drive, work out and traveling around the world. I am planning on attending Fairleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan campus class of 2023.

I chose FDU cause I thought it would be the best place to get a cultural experience from all different aspects of life. It wasn’t an easy choice but I think I made a great one cause FDU has everything like students from different places all over the world.

They have great education and they are very close to New York where I can definitely see myself working in the future. FDU wasn’t the safest option it was the best. I applied to so many schools and I chose this one because it makes me feel at home. My parents live approximately 20 minutes away if I ever need them. I have to thank my parents for helping me come up with the idea. They’ve helped me so much within the year that I thought that they wouldn’t steer me wrong and I was right. They are the smartest people in the world to me and that makes this college the best and brightest college I’ll ever go to. Let’s go Knights

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