10 of the Easiest Classes at FGCU


Florida Gulf Coast University offers many different courses every year. In order to boost GPA and get a higher grade, students usually look for easier classes to take during the year. These classes could be both in person or online class. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at FGCU.

1. ANT 2000 – Intro to Anthropology

A study of human species from both a biological and social perspective. The course surveys four major branches of anthropology: physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology.

2. ART 1300 – Drawing I

Observational drawing with a variety of drawing media. The course combines in-class drawing with an introduction to the vocabulary of art, as well as discussions of examples of significant historical and contemporary two-dimensional art. Also covered are issues related to the verbal and visual presentation of student art works.

3. BSC 1020C – Human Systems

The study of the basic principles of human biology intended for non-science majors. Investigates cell biology, reproduction and genetics and human anatomy and physiology including human impacts on ecological systems. The curriculum is inquiry based and fully integrated with a laboratory that emphasizes active learning strategies.

4. DIG 3029 – Global Sustainable Design

This course introduces students to sustainable design in response to local, national and global sustainability issues. Students will explore the historical, political, and practical connection of design and sustainability fusing theory with practice.

5. ESC 1000C – Intro Earth Science

Course reviews the processes that occur within the earth’s geosphere, atmosphere, and oceans, their effects and interactions, and their societal implications.

6. FIL 2000 – Introduction to Film

Introduction to the basic terminology, techniques, and contributions of film-making and critical analysis skills of film form and content.

7. HSC 2106 – Choosing Wellness

Survey of topics in health and wellness of concern and interest for university students. Offers guidelines for self-directed responsible living. Emphasis placed on practical application of health concepts to university students personal, community, vocational, and leadership roles.

8. PHI 1010 – Introduction to Philosophy

An introduction to the nature of philosophy, philosophical thinking, major intellectual movements in the history of philosophy, and specific problems in philosophy.

9. PET 1931 – ST: Physical Activity – 1

An introductory course designed to provide the student with foundational knowledge and experiences in physical activity related to the improvement in personal fitness.

10. SYG 2000 – Intro to Sociology

As the introductory course in Sociology, a general overview of the discipline is provided. Major sociological concepts, theories and schools of thought, key theorists and the tools of the discipline are discussed.

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