10 of the Easiest Classes at Xavier University

Xavier University

Xavier University offers many different courses every year. In order to boost GPA and get a higher grade, students usually look for easier classes to take during the year. These classes could be both in person or online class. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Xavier University.

1. THTR 100 – Introduction to the Theatre

Analysis of the role of the theatre within the community, models of professional theatre practice within Cincinnati. Focus on the artistic, administrative, and technical infrastructures of theatre organizations, through a series of on-site visits. 

2. SPMG 195 – History of American Sport

The course provides an overview of the history, as well as the social, political, cultural, technological and economic trends that have shaped the sport industry in the United States. Particular emphasis is placed on the period from 1800 to the present.

3. PSYC 267 – Treating Sex Offenders & Victims

This workshop is intended to be an introduction to assessing and treating sex offenders, the people they have abused, and other family members. Models of understanding different types of sex offense will be discussed as a means of articulating how best to understand and treat offenders.

4. ARTS 103 – Painting I

This studio course introduces the materials and approaches to oil painting and the interpretation of form based on observation from life. Students learn how to modulate color using a double primary color wheel system, approximate color they observe and learn to build paintings in a succession of layers. Oil paint materials and their physical properties are explained and demonstrated.

5. MUSC 116 – Women in Music

Historical survey of music by or involving women from medieval period to the present. Emphasis on women composers, but includes women as performers, teachers, patrons, and in the jazz and pop fields.

6. MILS 101 – Leadership & Personal Dev

Detailed examination of the unique duties and responsibilities of the commissioned Army Officer. Includes discussion of the organization and role of the Army, a review of basic life skills pertaining to fitness and communications and an analysis of Army values and expected ethical behavior and an introduction to leadership.

7. EDEL 251 – Instructional Technology

Methods and management for integrating educational technologies into the instructional design process and curricula. Applications will include, but not be limited to word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentation software, Web 2.0, Internet and other technological hardware resources and media. Assistive technologies for children with disabilities.

8. DANC 153 – Stretch Class

This is a study of exercises and movement to music to promote fitness and body control in preparing for dance development. The class combines elements of stretching and strength building exercises using yoga, Pilates and ballet. Basic anatomy is covered as a foundation for control of the muscles and bone structure of the body.

9. DIFT 216 – Photography I

This course is an introduction to the art of shooting traditional black and white photography and modern SLR digital color photography. This course is also an introduction tot he fine art of digital imaging as a practical and artistic enhancement to basic photography. Photography will be discussed as both a fine art form and a commercial art medium.

10. COMM 123 – Intro To Comm and Media

Examines the history, structure, and organization of media industries, including print, electronic media, and the World Wide Web. Includes discussion of law and policy, effects, and the media’s role in a democratic society.

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