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Why I Transferred Colleges

My Grandmother would always tell me while growing up that “Education is the one thing that no one can take away from you, it is your most prized possession”. I didn’t fully grasp this until I was applying for colleges my senior year of high school, how important the decision of choosing a college was going to be and deciding what my education was going to look like. As a  high school senior who was unsure of what to pursue in life, the decision terrified me. I visited a few campuses in October 2017 and I experienced love at first sight with Eugene Lang, The New School for Liberal Arts in New York City where I decided to attend in May 2017. I decided to attend there because of their distinguishable liberal arts curriculum and the fact that I was given a chance to study in the heart of New York City. Despite the fact that it was in New York City, a complete change of city and country, I felt like applying there had a similar academic environment to what I was used to in high school. 

However, it wasn’t until then that I realized that perhaps the New School was definitely an interesting college, but I needed something with a more rigorous academic program which I realized is important to me. Even though I have made wonderful friends and have had plenty of insightful and talented professors at the New School, my reasons for wanting to transfer to Fordham are that, I am now looking forward to an environment I might not necessarily be used to in Fordham.  I  was impressed by Fordham’s core curriculum where I am still able to have the space to pursue other subjects like computer science, theology and philosophy, and then go onto my preferred major courses with media and communications. I believe that Fordham matches my academic interests and professional goals for the future and my goal is to be able to intertwine digital communications in media and English literature to pursue a career in digital writing after graduating.  

Taking it back to the idea of education being the one thing that no one can take away from you, I realized that experiences are also something that no one is able to take away from you. Fordham will give me the chance to experience things that regrettably the New School couldn’t provide me with. Another reason for wanting to transfer is that Fordham offers an array of clubs, such as Ballroom Dance and MUN, which unfortunately, the New School lacks at the moment. I believe that Fordham will provide me with a more holistic approach to my education through their community and clubs.

I had the excitement of a freshman but the credits of a sophomore when I transferred to Fordham University – I still do because I come to a college where I am excited to learn and thrive, even if I have to commute all the way from East Village. I would get to study steps away from Central Park, take classes with amazing professors, be surrounded by some of the most intelligent minds – but most importantly – to be given a fresh start.

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