University – Expectation vs Reality

Most incoming students are super excited to start university this coming fall. Many are expecting things to be awesome and go super smooth. However, sometimes you might be completely wrong. Here are some university expectation vs reality scenarios.

1) When you think you are independent

Just when you think you can finally be free from your parents and be completely independent, you run out of money and start calling your parents to wire you some funds.

2) When you think you can wake up early

You think you can wake up early everyday just like high school? Don’t fool yourself, you will be skipping more classes than ever.

3) Finishing assignments last minute

When the prof says, “don’t leave this until the last minute”, he isn’t joking. When you tell yourself you only need 1-2 hours to finish it, you will probably end up digging a hole for yourself. Pulling all nighters and still not able to finish the assignment.

4) All study materials are posted online

When you think you can skip classes because all materials are posted online, you are wrong. For the first week, it might be easy. Once you start skipping for 2-3 weeks and look at the study materials, you will probably have no idea what it is about. Make sure you go to class and actually take good notes.

5) Picking the right major

This is something that happens very often. Many people are super pumped about their major and are looking forward to start their career path. However, after finishing your first year, you might realize this isn’t actually fit for you. You might have to switch major and change up all your plans. Don’t panic, you are not the first person that experience this.

6) Finding your best friend in college

best friend in college

Many people expect to continue to have contact with their best friends in high school even though both are going to different universities. This might change very fast after your first year. You will be meeting a lot of new people and creating new friendships and relationships with students from your school.

7) Staying healthy

When you think going to college, you will start hitting the gym since that’s included in your tuition. You might be wrong. Some people actually never hit the gym in their university years. You might think you will have time for it, but you will probably be too busy with your assignments.

8) Let’s get the party started

With university comes freedom and that basically means party everyday!! This might be true during your first few weeks. After that, you energy level will probably reach all time low and you will realize yourself laying in your bed most of the time.

9) Fashion show on campus

college fashion show

During your first few weeks, you will probably be all dressed up to your classroom. That totally make sense, you want to impress your fellow classmates. After a couple weeks, you will probably start wearing your PJs to school because you ain’t got time for the dress up.

10) I’m rich, I got student loan

Student loan will give you a huge bump in your bank account, but don’t think you can spend it however you want. It got lots of things to cover and one day, you will need to pay it back.

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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