10 Easiest Classes at Gateway Community College

Gateway Community College

Looking for some easy classes at GateWay Community College? You are at the right place. GateWay Community College offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at GateWay Community College.

1. ART K111: Drawing

A way of therapeutic relaxation. A drawing class squeezed in between the hard and challenging major classes will be a way for you to zone out for an hour or two and earn credit for it.

2. ENG K002: Foundations of Reading

This is not only a relatively easy class for anyone who has graduated high school, but also a really interesting and new way to re-learn what to look for in reading a new and unfamiliar text, especially in a academic setting.

3. MAT K095: Elem Algebra Foundations

If you are a math nerd or are scared to death of number, elementary algebra can be an easy requirement filling or extra credit class as it tackles relatively lighter mathematical concepts that don’t require as much visualization and analysis as say a differential calculus does.

4. ASL K101: American Sign Language

Not only is taking a sign language class technically learning a new and unique language, but also it is a great and valued skill to have on a resume when searching for jobs after graduating from college in a few years.

5. COU K122: Portfolio Development

For all you creative souls out there, this relatively easy class can make your knowledge of how to present yourselves to an employer suited to the kind of internships you would want to take advantage of during the summer and also various job opportunities that will come your way once you graduate.

6. IDS K105: The First Year Experience

This class would not have written and extensive coursework, but only getting to know the first few moments of your newly begun adult college life and having a much less intimidating platform of making new and long lasting friends.

7. GRA K131: Digital Photography

For anyone with Snapchat, photography would come naturally, so how hard can digital photography really be? In all seriousness, photography in the digital medium is a great, quick and easy skill to have in the long run.

8. SOC K101: Prin of Sociology

This easier and lighter course will not only give you a bump on that GPA of yours, but also provide a wholesome and well-rounded knowledge about how the human socuety function, which is a great life skill to have as an adult in the real world.

9. ECE K215: The Exceptional Learner

A course like this makes sure you understand how and why what you know and how you know that makes the biggest difference between making the most of your college education.

10. COM K173: Public Speaking

Lastly, a course like one in public speaking is a great asset to have for the future as it shows the confidence potential and also acts as a great skill to have as a potential employee.

With all said and done, college is truly the best time of your life, so having a balance of work and play will help you make the most time of those 4 years. Cherish your time at college but remember to not take on too much stress and let your mind ease up with these courses!

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