10 Easiest Classes at Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for easy classes at Houston Baptist University, of course. Fear not—below are some of the easiest classes that HBU has to offer to boost your GPA.

1. FYS 1300 – First Year Seminar

The first-year seminar helps new students with college, the purpose of which the seminar defines as student learning. If student learning is the purpose of college, then in order to succeed in college, students need to learn how to learn effectively, and to know the necessary resources available at the university; effective learning is learning that is relevant and meaningful to the student’s life. It goes over learning opportunities in and outside the classroom; resources for academic, social, and recreational growth; and how to effectively utilize these resources at the university.

Discussion based, not very intense. Point of the class isn’t to drag you down with excessive coursework; it’s to facilitate your development as a student of HBU and to provide you with any necessary resources.

2. ART 2343 – Art Appreciation

This course goes over the differences, similarities, and mechanics of all mediums of visual arts. To understand these, the student will write (easy) essays describing and evaluating visual art pieces. Pieces will be analyzed in context to its historical movement, and use of and impact on language and media. This general survey hopes to help students appreciate art in a more personal way.

Not that large of course load, approachable for students with no prior experience in the visual arts. Few, easy tests.

3. HIST 2311 – Western Civilization

An overview of Western Civilization. Content starts from the Ancient World (Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome), and ends with the end of the Middle Ages in Europe.

4. PHIL 1313 – Introduction to Philosophy

This course teaches what philosophy is and why it matters. It does so by studying its main problems (questions), and the theories proposed as its solutions.

Tests are based off of the lecture, notes. Not much reading. Papers are based off of the reading. Course rigor depends on professor

5. MATH 1305 – Math for Critical Thinking

This is the easiest math course in Houston Baptist University. It covers set theory, counting, logic, the reading and understanding of graphs and tables, and basic probability and statistics. Additional topics may include finance, graph theory, number theory, geometry, and matrix theory.

6. CISM 1321 – Introduction to Computer Applications

Basic microcomputers (computers with a microprocessor as its central processor) may not be as impressive as smartphones or tablets, but they do include one important functionality: information processing. This class teaches you how to use this functionality by teaching word processing, database management, and spreadsheet programs.

7. CHRI 1301 – Introduction to the Bible

An overview of the Old and New Testaments. The course covers their main themes and historical context.

8. HIST 2313 – U.S. History to 1877

This course goes over American History, from its origins (Native American tribes, 13 colonies), to the Revolution, to the end of Reconstruction.

9. PSYC 1313 – Introduction to Psychology

Another introductory course dealing with the major areas in psychology. Such areas may include heredity and environment, emotions and motivations, perceptions, learning, personality, and intelligence. This is a required course for psychology majors.

10. COMM 1323 – Rhetoric and Public Speaking

This course will improve your public speaking skills for work, school, and life. It highlights the importance of public speaking in a democratic society, as found in Ancient Greece and Rome. As a skill, public speaking is the foundation to a liberal arts education like HBU’s, and is essential to being a citizen in a democracy.

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