5 Reasons to Major in Nuclear Medicine at IUP

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Nuclear Medicine? What. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? It’s a new on going major in the health field that not many people know of.  In Pennsylvania, about 5 universities have this major available at their University- one of them being IUP (YAY). This crazy sounding major isn’t as crazy as it sounds…and no it has nothing to do with nuclear bombs as many people think. Nuclear Medicine is a branch in the medical field that deals with a lot of the radioactivity departments, including the research, diagnosis, and treatments of a patient.


If you are interested in this major, you deal with CT/MRI/PET scans- all non invasive aka NO PAIN ON THE PATIENT. Many students who would love to become nurses choose not to for the fact that they don’t like blood, or don’t enjoy giving the patient more pain, drawing blood, etc.


Depending on what you are looking for in your education, you can knock this major out from 1 to 4 years. IUP holds a very intensive Nuclear Medicine program that lets you graduate with your NMT certification in less than 2 years. Although it is a very fast moving program, that means less student loans! You can start working with just an Associate’s degree, and work your way up to a Master’s later on if you would want to.  More money in your pockets, and now you are out in the job force earlier than anybody else.


Unlike nurses, they are always on the move, long hours, sometimes no breaks, and they hold  A LOT of responsibilities. If you don’t work well under stress but still want to be in the medical field, Nuclear Medicine might be perfect for you. Since you are only diagnosing and giving treatment, you won’t be worrying about a patient coming in and having 60 seconds to make a life saving decision. Props to you nurses and doctors! This major won’t make you feel like this :


As college students in a major we want a job that earns us good $$$, a major that we enjoy and have a passion for, but most importantly, we must find a major that has jobs out there and will be growing in demand by the time we graduate. From 2016-2027, Nuclear Medicine is planned to grow more than 15% which is faster than average.


Since the major is not too commonly known, the classes for this major at IUP are small.Which benefits the students by having more 101 time with the professor. This creates more of a stress free zone for both students and professors. Most importantly, it lets the students become more comfortable and less embarrassed if they have questions- where students tend to not ask questions in a very packed classroom.

Another cool thing IUP offers, is to study at the University of Findley in the Nuclear Medicine college that they have. It is the biggest most known Nuclear Medicine facility in the country- and IUP helps you get there. You are working 101 with Nuclear Medicine techs and doing hands on training which is AWESOMEEEE. You get a hands on experience, you get a hands on experience, and YOU get a hands on experience.

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