5 Things You Need to Know About Slippery Rock

Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock University is a pretty popular choice for high school seniors living in Western Pennsylvania. For most, it is close to home, they already know students there, they’ve been there to party, and it’s just comfortable. But what about the students who aren’t from Western PA? Typically they don’t know much about the university. Here are some things about Slippery Rock that every prospective student should know.

1. The school is small and close-knit

Slippery Rock is a fairly small school. Currently, there are approximately 7,000 undergraduate students enrolled in the university. However, the number is getting bigger and bigger every year because so many high school students want to attend Slippery Rock! Although the University is growing in terms of population, it is growing in other areas as well. For example, there are more clubs and organizations than ever. People at the University are coming together to form new things. That is what makes it so close-knit. There are a ton of people coming together interested and worrying about the same things on campus. You see the same faces every day and it is easy to make friends and become comfortable.

2. Class sizes are generally small as well

Here at Slippery Rock University, each class size is decently small. Since Slippery Rock is a pretty small school, it is easy for professors and students to get to know each other. The small class sizes give the students more opportunities to speak up in class or ask questions. Typical class sizes at Slippery Rock range from 14 to 120. The less students that a professor has to worry about a semester, the better. When a professor or instructor has more time to talk to one student, the more comfortable the student will be.

3. The location is great

A thing that a lot of people don’t know is how conveniently located Slippery Rock is. It is about an hour outside of downtown Pittsburgh, and an hour outside of Lake Erie. If you have a car, you can easily make a weekend trip out of one of the destinations. Also, about twenty minutes away is the Grove City Premium Outlet Mall. There are a lot of great stores in the outlet mall, and most of the stuff is on sale! Perfect for a college student. In Grove City, there are a few places to eat, such as Primanti Brothers, Eat n Park, and Hoss’s Steakhouse. There is also a Dunkin Donuts!

4. There is a large option for undergraduate majors

Although Slippery Rock is pretty much known for Safety Management, Education, and Health Care majors, there is a vast range of other majors to choose from. SRU has a great business school also. Accounting, Marketing, and Finance are some of the most popular business majors. Slippery Rock also has a great communications program. The majors range from journalism all the way to digital media production.

5. There is one campus

Slippery Rock University is a campus of its own. They do not have any branch campuses for students to attend unless you count taking online classes. By having only one campus, it is easier for the students to get a better education and a better college experience.

Overall, Slippery Rock is a great University! If you are not from Western PA, check out the university anyway. There are a ton of people from all over the country residing here! Keep these things in mind while working on your college decision!!

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