Top 5 Reasons to Study at Iowa State University

Iowa State University

College can be a difficult and stressful time to get through for many young people. This is why picking the right college is an essential task for all students attending college. Here are the top five reasons to attend Iowa State University and become a Cyclone!

1. Clubs at Iowa State University

Iowa State University has over 800 clubs that students can participate in. There rang from service and volunteering groups, special interest and hobby groups, frats and sororities, professional clubs, and many more. You can make a difference volunteering for UNICEF one night and the next night play Quidditch with your team!

2. Campus at Iowa State University

Iowa State’s campus is one of the most beautiful in the Midwest! The luscious green space, numerous statues and artwork,  and beautiful architecture make ISU stand out during all seasons. If you ever need a break from classes, join the many students in hammocks out on the Quad!

3. Recreation services at Iowa State University

The Iowa State rec facilities have something for everyone! There are two major gyms, smaller workout facilities spread throughout campus, an outdoor track, practice fields, an ice arena, and so much more! You can hang out in the pool one day, climb the rock wall that night, and the next morning participate in a free yoga class. There are so many ways to stay active!

4. Majors at Iowa State University

Iowa State offers over 100 majors-there is a program for everyone! You can find your home in the College of Agriculture, Design, Business, Liberal Arts, Human Sciences, Veterinarian Medicine, or Engineering. Iowa State is also home to an accredited school of journalism and a school of education. Each college offers its own scholarships and unique opportunities! It’s hard to narrow it down!

5. The Sports Atmosphere at Iowa State University

The best part about attending Iowa State is the sporting atmosphere! Thousands of fans attend football and basketball games each year with such vigor that Hilton Coliseum has been known to have “Hilton Magic” Iowa State fans are known to always be loyal and true and are some of the most polite and welcoming fans in the world! #ForeverTruetoISU

There are so many reasons why Iowa State is an amazing college to be a part of- the rich culture and diversity, the beauty, or the feeling of home on campus. Once a Cyclone, always a Cyclone!

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