10 of the Easiest Classes at JMU

James Madison University Campus

Looking for some easy classes at James Madison University? You are at the right place. JMU offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at JMU.

1. ISCI 104 – Scientific Perspectives

A study of topics selected to allow students to participate in mathematical and scientific problem solving approaches to knowledge. May be used for general education credit. This course accounts for 1 credit.

2. MUS 204 – History of Rock

This class is designed to develop an understanding of both musical and cultural roots of rock music and the ability to hear a direct relationship between those roots and current popular music. A major component of the course is a survey of the history of 20th century American popular music. This course accounts for 3 credits.

3. MUI 221 – Survey of Music Industry

An overview of the recording, entertainment and performing arts industries including an examination of the historical, aesthetic and commercial developments of the music industry in the United States. This course accounts for 3 credits.

4. CSD 420 – Introduction to Sign Language

This class provides an introduction to American Sign Language, the deaf community and English-based signed systems. If you are interested in learning sign language, this is definitely the course to take. This course accounts for 3 credits.

5. SOC 337 – Sociology of Gender

This class goes through the theories of sex role development, the roles of men and women in society and gender as a social construction. This course accounts for 3 credits.

6. GEOG 200 – Geography The Global Dimension

This course promotes global understanding through the study of humans, their institutions and processes, and the resulting interactions between humans and the environment. The course will include the study of Western and non-Western peoples and their social, cultural, political and economic relationships. This course accounts for 3 credits.

7. ART 200 – Art in General Culture

An exploratory course that aims to develop a non-technical, general cultural understanding of the space arts, such as architecture, painting, sculpture and industrial design. Emphasis is on the contemporary. ART 200 can be taken online at JMU. This course accounts for 3 credits.

8. ITAL 101 – Elementary Italian

The fundamentals of Italian through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Practice in pronunciation and development of comprehension. One hour’s work a week in the language laboratory. This course accounts for 3-4 credits.

9. PSYC 101 – General Psychology

A study of the nervous system, sensation, perception, consciousness, learning, memory, language, intelligence, motivation, emotion, life span development, personality, psychopathology, psychotherapy, social psychology and the scientific method. Some of the tests and quizzes are online. This course accounts for 3 credits.

10. DANC 144 – Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dance skills including steps, styling and leading, and following for American and Latin ballroom dance forms. This course accounts for 2 credits.

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