10 of the Easiest Courses in John Carroll University

John Carroll University

How difficult a course turns out to be is dependent on several factors including a professor’s teaching style. While some think there is no such thing as an easy college course, some courses are traditionally considered facile. Regardless of the professor in question, here are 10 fun and easy classes at John Carroll University.

1. AR 101 – Advising Cohort

course, it remains a compulsory undertaking for all first-year students. It includes the general discussion of curricular and co-curricular options and academic planning to ensure a smooth transition throughout your years at the university. Honestly, all AR courses are a breeze but must get a satisfactory to graduate.

2. PE 100 – Physical Education

While most students can graduate from JCU without breaking a sweat, some are still drawn towards the understanding of the intrinsic value of healthy living. The class work is very manageable. In a nutshell, you get to boost your GPA while promoting well-being and physical activity

3. FA 150 – Introduction to Music

Music is also right here with the rest of the courses that are a walk in the park at JCU. Students learn how to demonstrate the diversity that exists in music by presenting it within the context of the world.

4. BIO 101 – Special Topics in Biology

This course is for non-science majors. What makes it easy is the fact that it’s offered on an irregular basis and based on a topic chosen by the instructor. The class is used primarily for designation of courses that have been transferred from other universities. So transfer students, this is for you!

5. AR 150 – Social Action Orientation

At just 1 credit a semester, this course enables the student to develop intellectual curiosity while at the same time being a reflective learner. If you think you demonstrate a strong commitment to social justice and want to scoop those A’s while advocating for social change, then you may just want to consider taking this class.

6. COMM 160 – Interviewing Skills

This course is given as an option to fulfill the General Communication major. Students learn how to develop the ability to manage interviews in employment and persuasive or sales settings. in interview settings.

7. ER 110 – Creative Problem Solving

Students develop creative ability through the use of experiential exercises and musical arts to solve problems. They also learn how to apply these abilities in presenting projects and ideas.

8. EN 199 – Special topics in English language and composition

Students generally develop basic language skills in reading, writing, and speaking. They also develop detailed examination of analytical techniques needed for the critical reading of both fiction and non-fiction works

9. MT 118 – Applied Mathematics

This basic Math course comprises of the development and appreciation of mathematical ideas and how they are used to model various aspects of everyday life.

10. AH 201 – Introduction to World Art

This course is recommended as preparation for all other art history courses. It focuses on major works and themes from prehistory to the modern era. You will learn about cultural space arts, such as architecture, painting, and sculpture which will be considered in relation to political, religious, and intellectual contexts. There should be minimal papers and very straightforward tests. Better channel your inner Picasso and cherish art in all its forms!

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