Top 10 Coolest Courses at Kansas State University

Kansas State

Kansas has a lot to offer: from towering casinos to beautiful water parks, it’s no wonder that it’s popular not just for adventurers but for young adults as well. But the best this state has to offer is the highly popular Kansas State University where there’s an increasing number of enrollees all over the nation. If you’re one of those aspiring youths then you’re in for a treat! Check out the 10 coolest courses Kansas State University has to offer down below.

1. COT 741 – Aerospace Manufacturing and Materials

Ever wonder how aerospace vehicles are made? Well, students in this course will have a full grasp of how U.S aerospace planes are made – everything from the materials used up to the manufacturing process. So if you’re planning on making the plane that would carry the future of humanity, then this course might just be for you!

2. AERO 211 – Aerospace Studies 2B

In this course, students will know about World War II specifically on how, at the time, airpower was developed. Students will also learn how research and technology have changed since. So if you want to learn more about the impact of airpower and how it affected WWII then this course is for you.

3. AFRI 400 – African Study Abroad

Are you fascinated by the beautiful country of Africa? If you want to learn more about their culture as well as how various African societies have thrived throughout the ages, then taking this course is your best shot. Taking AFRI 400 will take students on an educational trip to Africa and learn firsthand about African cultures, the environment, health and status quo.

4. AGCOM 590 – New Media Technology

In this course, students will learn the emerging “new media” technologies and its importance towards marketing products and improving the quality of life from consumers’ standpoint. This course will focus on understanding the underlying communication theories including Roger’s Theory of Innovation Diffusion to learn how consumers adapt to new technological advances.

5. BIOCH 766 – Recombinant DNA Laboratory I

BIOCH 766 allows students to study intensively the genetic code of all living organisms – DNA. This course will focus on biochemical manipulation of nucleic acids as well as the isolation of plasmid and chromosomal DNA. If you want to understand the beginning of all things then this is where you should start.

6. AVM 101 – Introduction to Aircraft Materials and Tooling Standards

Do you like planes? If so, then you might want to enroll in AVM 101 as this course will teach you all about aircraft – particularly aircraft materials and fabrication. Topics include materials and hardware familiarization, fluid lines and fittings, and aviation-specific inspection tools and techniques.

7. AVM 261 – Aircraft Inspection and Assembly

AVM 261 is for aircraft enthusiasts as this course includes 100-hour inspections. Students will observe and analyze the assembly and manufacturing procedures of various aircraft components. So if you love planes then this course is a must-have!

8. THTRE 162 – Concepts of Theatre Production

Do you like fine arts? Then THTRE 162 lets you experience the various areas of theatrical production in rehearsals as well as performance processes. What makes this course cool is that it encourages students to be more engaging by participating in either onstage or behind the scenes productions.

9. KIN 360 – Anatomy and Physiology

Are you interested in learning the various parts of the human body? Then KIN 360 not only teaches students the functions of each organ in the human body but also allows them to perform physiological experiments to further their knowledge in human anatomy. Lastly, its laboratory would include computer simulations, x-rays, and dissections.

10. GEOL 103 – Geology Laboratory

GEOL 103 focuses on examinations of rocks and minerals in a laboratory. Students will also learn how to use geologic and topographic maps as well as understand the stream and groundwater processes and landforms. If you love to study rocks and minerals then this course is for you!

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