10 of the Easiest Courses in Lehigh University

Lehigh University

Starting classes in the fall means that you are taking on stress once again. You will have to study longer and harder for courses that can make or break your GPA while also trying to maintain a social life outside of you classes. This means that your schedule will be jam-packed with study times during finals week especially.

However, there are ways to compress the amount of time you will spend studying. This includes taking easier courses that are guaranteed to get you a good grade. Below are 10 of the easiest courses at Lehigh University.

1. HIST 008 – Technology in Modern America 

Technology is everywhere. In fact, you’re reading on a computerized device, whether it be your computer, your phone, or even your TV. It’s what allows people to continue on with their daily lives in modern-day times. This course will help students to understand how American technology has evolved.

There will be a special emphasis on modern-day American technology. This includes learning about cars, aircraft, computers, nuclear weapons, TV, space, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Students will also learn how technology has affected culture, society, politics, and the economy. 

2. ANTH 011 – Cultural Diversity and Human Nature 

Taking an introductory course is typically easy to get through with very minimal effort. This course features an overview on cultural diversity within human societies. It will examine the social structure, kinship, religion, symbolism, and language of various cultures and how they have developed on a local and global scale.

Students will learn how to apply their own research methods to develop a better understanding of modern social issues and how to resolve them from an anthropological perspective. 

3. ART 002 – Art History: Renaissance to Present 

Art: the various branches of the visual and performing arts. It’s what surrounds us. You can find it in paintings, music, and even architecture. Art is what fuels the imagination and allows people to creatively express themselves through visuals or performance.

This course will focus on art in architecture throughout the Renaissance to the contemporary era. Students will examine how art has developed in printing, sculpture, and man-made structures. Students will also have the chance to study mass media and how photography affects the world we live in today. 

4. ECO 001 – Principles of Economics

Knowing how to finance is vital to being a citizen in any country, especially in the US. This course will explore the various principles of economics. Not only will students learn how to make smart decisions in their own lives, they will also learn how the economy works even from the small choices they make.

Topics to be discussed include the supply and demand of a country, pricing, production decisions, the role the government plays on the economy, money and banking, fiscal policies, and governmental finance. 

5. HIST 109 – The Built Environment of New York: 1624-2001

History is a very broad topic with various subtopics within it. This course will examine the physical environment of New York with special focus areas on New York City and Manhattan. Students will be introduced to various themes that have evolved the two cities into becoming one of the widely known in the world.

These themes include the evolution of land use, housing, immigration, cultural life, society, built communities, technology, and the economy. Students will also take part in many walking tours throughout the state of New York as well. 

6. MUS 010 – Basic Skills in Music

Music is everywhere. It is one of the few things that allows humans to communicate effectively no matter their language because music is a universal language. This course will go through the basic principles of music and musicianship. Students will take part in listening, reading, and writing music. Students will also learn music terminology. This course will allow students to apply their newly developed skills to a wide range of genres and even topics that will help to better enhance themselves as a musician. 

7. PSYC 001 – Introduction to Psychology 

The psychology of the brain is one of the most important parts of science to this date. It allows us to understand how humans and other animals behave based off of their neurological function, genes, and other factors that play a role into their behavior.

This course will give a brief overview on psychology. Topics to be discussed include behavior, learning, sensation-perception, physiological principles, social sciences, intelligence, personality, and the human development as it relates to behavior. 

8. POLS 103 – Introduction to Public Administration

One should always understand the governmental structure in which overrules their country. These are the people who make decisions that can make or break the country as a whole. This course will examine public administration as it relates to the government. Students will gain a better understanding on how public service affects the daily lives of citizens.

9. REL 003 – Global Religion, Global Ethics

This course will provide a brief overview on the various religious and philosophical thinking modes that many individuals have. Throughout the semester, students will examine and study how these modes of thinking have affected the communities, countries, and societies in which they now live in. This includes discussing the roles of women, social justice issues, the environment, and moral and ethical ideas.

10. THTR 060 – Dramatic Action

The show must go on! Theatrical productions are one of the broadest branches of the performing arts. In this course, students will learn how the theatre works and how each cast member play vital roles in the production of a play. This course will explore how a plot is developed, how the various characters are developed, visual elements, and how these all combine to create a unique experience for the audience.

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