10 of the Easiest Classes at LSU

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University offers over 1000s of different courses every year. In order to help you boost your GPA by taking some easy or online classes, we have compiled a list for you. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at LSU.

1. AGEC 1003 – Introduction to Agricultural Business

Nature and scope of agribusiness; application of management and marketing concepts to selected agribusiness problems; exploring agribusiness management as a profession.

2. ART 1551 – Basic Design

Basic design projects that investigate form and the delineation of space within a two-dimensional field; emphasis on hand skills and traditional design media.

3. GBUS 1001 – Introduction to Business

Operation of the business firm; function of the business professional; nature of economic system and private enterprise. This class could be taken as an online class.

4. INTL 1990 – Introduction to Study Abroad

Principal themes of study abroad including development of skills and perceptive to transact, communicate, and engage across cultures.

5. LIS 2001 – Introduction to Information Technologies

Introduction to hardware, software, networking and telecommunications issues; use of application software, electronic databases and search engines.

6. MUS 1740 – Introduction to Music History I

Fundamental elements of music from historical and cultural perspectives; introduction to historical trends, musical genres, major composers and score reading; cultivation of studying and writing skills.

7. PHIL 1000 – Introduction to Philosophy

Major works on such themes as appearance and reality, human nature, nature of knowledge, relation of mind and body, right and good, existence of God and freedom and determinism. This class could be taken as an online class.

8. UC 0050 – Introduction to Mentoring, Education and Research

Students will be mentored as they prepare to become mentors and researchers. Introduction to college success tools, including learning strategies, time management and organization.

9. HNRS 1007 – Introduction to Life Sciences

A basic course, organized in accordance with the principle of organic evolution, emphasizing the chemical basis of life and cell biology.

10. ENTM 1001 – Insects and Society

Introduction to insect effects on agriculture, human health, and the environment.

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