10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of Tampa

As undergrads, the truth is when all is done we want to be successful. Whoever fails to know what to do, fail to make the cut among the successful ones and that’s the bitter truth. By taking easier courses, it could help you boost your GPA. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at the University of Tampa.

1. JOU 213 – Travel Writing

Students will explore the art of travel writing, using the techniques of creative nonfiction and journalism. They will learn to incorporate fact and research into pieces that include narrative, interview and reflection. They will reflect the intersection of people and places, while exploring their own relationship to the experiences. Assignments may include the critique of food, architecture and music; political analysis; and description of natural environs. May count in the humanities distribution in the Baccalaureate Core if not used for the journalism or writing major.

2. WST 125 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

This course is an introduction to the ways in which gender shapes interpersonal relationships, our personal knowledge, and society in general and various institutions within society. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students will explore, understand and celebrate the diversity of women’s experiences and achievements.

3. WRI 490 – Writing Internship

Open only to juniors and seniors. An internship that involves closely supervised on-the-job training in career writing. May be repeated for a maximum of 10 semester hours of credit, four of which may count toward the writing major. Students must apply for the internship one semester in advance. May not be used to satisfy general distribution requirements.

4. THR 204 – Acting I for Non-Majors

A studio/performance-oriented course that introduces the beginning student to the craft of acting. Teaches basic stage technique and develops skills of relaxation, observation and concentration using exercises, improvisation, monologues and scene work. Open to all non-THR/MTR students.

5. SPA 101 – Elementary Spanish I

Beginning Spanish with emphasis on Hispanic culture, as well as understanding and speaking Spanish in practical situations. Includes practice in reading and writing. Some of these classes could be taken as an online class. This particular class is easy if you have a Spanish background.

6. ART 102 – Foundations: Drawing

A studio/performance-oriented course that introduces traditional problems in drafting and pictorial organization. Involves development of pictorial form and space by line and value through a variety of media.

7. PSC 102 – Introduction to International Relations

An exploration of the political, economic and social processes between and among actors in the global community.

8. MUS 100 – Music Fundamentals

Covers basic music reading, theory and terminology, including beginning keyboard, vocal and aural skills. This course is quite easy especially if you have a music background.

9. HSC 236 – Introduction to Public Health

This course provides the student with a clear understanding of public health: the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health.

10. ENS 112 – Environmental Science

An interdisciplinary study concerned with the historical, ecological, social, political and economic ramifications of the global environmental crisis. Addresses issues such as demographics, energy, pollution, natural resources and environmental policy. Partially satisfies natural science distribution requirements of the baccalaureate experience but is not applicable toward a biology or marine science major or minor.

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I am a student currently studying journalism. I love writing lifestyle and fashion pieces! Hope you enjoy my articles!

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