10 of the Easiest Classes at Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is a private Catholic research university in Chicago, Illinois. It offers over 1000 courses each year. Students are always looking for easy and fun classes to take each year to help boost their GPA. Here is a list of the easiest classes at LUC.

1. FNAR 121 – Ceramics: Wheelthrowing

An introduction to the potters’ wheel. Students learn basic throwing skills, explore utilitarian design concepts, and learn to balance spontaneous and practiced approaches to process. Emphasis is on the successful integration of craft and personal expression.

2. THTR 205 – Theatre in Chicago I

This course is an introductory to live theatre performances available in the rich Chicago Theatre Scene. Outcome: Students will demonstrate appreciation of the range of theatre experiences available in the city of Chicago.

3. ANTH 104 – The Human Ecological Footprint

Study of human/land interactions in past and contemporary cultures. Processes of landscape formation and the study of people’s impact on these processes. How the development of culture and technology affects land use patterns. Archaeological and geographical methods of environmental analysis.

4. UNIV 102 – Loyola Seminar

These small (22 students or fewer) classes are intended to connect students to a faculty or staff member and their peers through meaningful discussions on topics of shared interest. 

5. ACWRI 105 – College Writing I

College Writing I is designed to help first-year Arrupe students understand and meet college expectations for writing.

6. PSYC 101 – General Psychology

Basic concepts and methods of psychology. Primary emphasis on the scientific study of consciousness and human behavior. Topics include: human development, personality, learning, thinking, perception, testing, mental illness and mental health, and biological and social aspects of behavior.

7. CLST 271 – Classical Mythology

In this course you will study the myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome.  You will learn about the gods and the goddesses of the classical pantheon, their major myths, and various theories of mythology based on psychology, anthropology, and comparative religion. 

8. MUSC 101 – The Art of Listening

Focus is on the acquisition and enhancement of listening skills through direct experience of musical works along with an examination of cross-cultural similarities and differences among musical styles.

9. DANC 111 – Ballet Dance I

Ballet I is designed to introduce the concepts and vocabulary of ballet with a focus on developing body awareness and control. Students will learn about the art form of ballet in relationship to theatre, music and other forms of dance. 

10. ANTH 100 – Globalization and Local Cultures

This course is a study of cultural diversity on a global scale, and provides a comparative perspective on the investigation of humans as cultural and social beings.

What is the Loyola University Chicago (LUC) Fight Song?

Hail Loyola!
Cheer for old Loyola, fight for victory
Spread her fame and her fair name
With constant loyalty
U. Rah! Rah!
Cheer for Alma Mater
Laud her sons so true
Onward to victory, Loyola U.

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